Top 10 Must Visit Places in Thailand

We all know holidays are very important for life. They fill us with fun, joy and enjoyment. The life have become so busy that nobody can find time and peace for self and in these conditions holidays gives a refreshing touch to the person. During our long holidays we always visit some extraordinary beautiful place for the fun. Well if you are going abroad, Thailand is a very good option. Used in backdrops of various Hollywood movies Thailand is famous throughout the world for its lovely attractions. So for helping you with your Thailand trip we are bringing for you top 10 must visit places in Thailand. So whenever you go to Thailand, surely visit them.

10.)Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep an integral part of Chiang Mai and a part of Thailand twenty-fourth national park. Tourists main attraction at Doi Suthep is the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Bhubing Palace is the second biggest attraction present in the Doi Suthep. This mountain persists in northwest part of Chiang Mai. It is one of the most famous sites present in in Chiang Mai.


Ayutthaya is located in the northern part of Bangkok. Four hundred years ago Ayutthaya was a prosperous political and trade capital but later on it turned into a burned, abandoned and defaced city.The sity was always in a power struggle from the neighbours, Burma. The architectural style of Ayutthaya is a mixture of great styles like Persian, Dvaravati, Lobpuri and Sukothai, etc. Ruins of great monuments like its palace and temples shows the glourious past past of the place but at the same time you can get glimpses of the Darkest
history periods of the area.

8.)Wat Arun

Located at the Thonburi bank of Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Wat Arun is a great attraction centre for the tourists. The temple is also known as Temple of Dawn and locally it is famous as Wat Chaeng. Wat Arun persisted as the chief temple which enshrined Emerald Buddha and The Phra Bang Buddha image both once (removed by Vientiane) in Thonburi Period.

7.)Khao Yai National Park

Its Thailand’s second largest National Park and UNESCO also have provided it the status of a world heritage site. The national park is full of mountainous landscape, lush, waterfalls and rich biodiversity. Situated at only 3 hour drive from Bangkok in the North of Bangkok Khao Yai is home to the 320 species of birds, thousand of fauna species and more than 65 species of mammals.

6.)Phi Phi Islands

Belonging to the some of the loveliest islands of South Asia and World Phi Phi Islands are part of Krabi Province. To reach the Phi Phi islands one will have to use a 445 minute speedboat and 90 minute ferry ride. The stunning rock formations and Classic beaches along with the beautiful combination with water gives it a paradise effect. There are two islands , Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh, both being party central with a lot of clubs, pubs and bars.

5.)Floating Markets

Located near Bangkok Floating Markets are famous worldwide due to their persistent presence in the tourist books and travel guides. These markets are concerned more with the foreign tourists rather than the local people. They offer local food, coconut juice, tropica fruits and vegetables. All of these are prepared on the floating boat kitchens and are offered on floating boat shops. You can also visit to the Taling Chan Market, Tha Kha and Bang Ku Wiang Market.

4.)Railay Beach

One of the world’s most famous beach, located in the Krabi Province, Railay .Worldwide famous as a glimpse of tropical paradise Railay is accessible only with boat and is in southward direction of Ao Nang beach. Stuffed with the white sand bands, caves , limestone cliffs and lagoon hidden inside cliffs which is constantly changed by tides. Free from the current world apparatuses and travel ways its one of the most beautiful peninsula in the world.

3.)Similan Islands

Similan Islands are in West of Khao Lak and it belongs to the Phang Nga Province. They lie at a 90 minute speedboat distance from the Phang Nga coast. If you want to enjoy the views you can also use slow boat which will take eight hours and will give you some great views on your way. Similan islands are group of nine islands. Surrounding waters offers view of beautiful tropical fishes  and colourful coral in a great underwater visibility. As a result sea diving is very famous at the spot.

2.)Phang Nga Bay

Another great offering from the Phang Nga Province for the visitors located in the North of Phuket Phang Nga Bay is one of the kind site. This is because of the vertical sheel limestone cliffs which jut from the emrald green water. If you want to enjoy to the full then just go for a boat ride and drink the whole scenery from your eyes. The whole bay is full of limestone islands. The most famous spots of this bay are the James Bond Island and Koh Pannyi.

1.)The Grand Palace

If your Thai visit is only a day long you can still make your trip memorial. You can visit the Bangkok’s most famous landmark The Grand Palace. With its great architecture and intricate detail its a sign of great Thai craftsmanship and creativity. It is known as spiritual heart of Thai kingdom. The dress code for the visit is polite lacking which the visitor can be debarred from the entry to the great palace.

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