Top 10 Halloween Pet Costume Ideas

Halloween is the time of the year when humans can go crazy with their looks, the uglier and scary you look the better. Some opt for hilarious costumes, the latest looks of popular celebrities and the latest movie villains of the year. However, don’t you know that pets such as our beloved dogs can also join the fun? Here are the top 10 Halloween costumes your pet can try to join the fun.

Top 10 Halloween Pet Costumes Ideas


Superdog is obviously one of the most common costumes usually bought by owners online. It doesn’t require much, a simple superman costume and a cape will work. It doesn’t cause any irritation to your dog and it’s not over the top, no wonder such costume is the most chosen one.

Angel Costume

If you have a female dog or even a male one, an angel costume is also a good choice. It comes with a white shirt and a wing costume one can let the dog wear, it looks fun and catchy. If you want, you can even make the look more colourful to be more fun and trendy.


If you want to keep it simple and nice, you can have your dog wear a hat, it’s not just a hat but a halo styled hat. In fact, such hat can be paired with an angel costume to make your dog look more adorable. Your dog may not know it but this costume could simply be heart melting, seeing your dog with a halo!


A bee costume or outfit is also cute and fun. Let your dog wear a bee stripe costume of yellow and black and put a little stinger effect on his tail to make him look more like a bee. This could also be a head turner costume especially if you match yours to your dog!


Batdog is just as the same with superdog costume and all you need is just a cape and the symbol of batman. Make sure the costume fits your dog to make it more recognizable as a batman costume and ensure that the cape is not too long.

Scooby Costume

Because Scooby Doo is a very popular cartoon character, this is also a good choice to opt during Halloween. You can have your dog wear a Scooby costume especially if he is a big sized dog to resemble Scooby’s built.

Police Dog

This is one of the most common yet there are many dog lovers who still prefer to use this costume. Have your dog wear a police uniform and put in some badge to make him look like a real police! This kind of costume is highly recommended for big dogs with scary looks.

Disney Princess Costume

Do you have a lap dog or a toy dog? If so, you can choose a Disney princess costume for your cutie little toy dog and make her look like a princess. Have her wear a gown, a pink one and along with it is a crown. I’m sure your dog will look lovely and prettier than the rest.

Hotdog Costume

If you want to opt for something funny, you can try a hotdog costume. Funny as it seems but this costume is also highly recommended. A fun costume to wear with 2 buns on your dogs’ sides and his body which will serve as the hotdog!


Mickey costume is perfect for small dogs. Toy dogs would look great in this costume. Have your dog wear a shirt with a Mickey print and a Mickey hat, simple but cute and not that expensive. Just bear in mind that your dog must be comfortable in a given costume so as not to ruin the look.

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