Top 10 Best Luxurious Hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Switzerland is one among the richest countries of the world. Switzerland is also famous for Swiss bank, a secret banks that secures the money of many of the politicians.Tourism plays a major role in economy of this country. Thousands of tourists come to Switzerland every year for honeymoon purpose also. There is a plenty of hotels in Switzerland.Switzerland is the first choice of  Tourists.

The list of Top Ten best hotels of Switzerland is given here:

10.Angleterre and Residence, Lausanne

This hotel named as Angleterre and Residence is located in Lausanne city of Switzerland. The hotel is quite different because it doesn’t provide a normal stay to its customers in fact the hotel is very much famous for the unique offers which it provides to its customers. The customers are highly benefited because of the offers provided to them. This hotel is one among the most sophisticated hotels of the place. The number of rooms and suit in the hotel are 75 and 22 respectively.The hotel interior is quite classy and luxurious with thousands of facilities. This hotel also provides spa facilities. Bars provide a variety of liquor and fine cigars.

9.Lausanne Palace And Spa

Lausanne Palace And Spa is counted as one among the most luxurious hotel present in Switzerland.  The hotel is said to have five starrer facility and 1915 is the year in which the hotel was built. The hotel has in the total number of rooms and suits in the hotel are 119 and 31 respectively. The hospitality of the hotel is quite good as well.

8.Beau Rivage Palace Lausanne, Lausanne 6

Beau ravage palace Lausanne is located in Lausanne 6. The hotel has a beautiful site as the palace is located at the shore of the lake named as Geneva. This is aid to be the oldest hotel in Switzerland which was built in 1861. The hotel has a large number of rooms and suits. It has around 34 suits and 168 rooms in it. This is the best place for holidays where you can ejoy at your fullest.

7.The Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich

The Dolder grand hotel is situated in Zurich city and is said to be the oldest restaurant of the city.

In year 1899 the hotel was built and became famous in year 2008. The hotel is known for it service and hospitality. The place is not just beautiful but also luxurious. The accommodation of the hotel is like it has 59 suite and also 173 rooms. So it can easily accommodate many people at a time.

6. Gstaad Palace Hotel, Gstaad

The hotel named Gstaad Palace Hotel  is not just luxurious but also has an incredible site. In 1910 the hotel was constructed. It is said to have the largest variety of accommodation, when compared with all the hotels of the city. This is a great place to spend your holidays along with your family. People in large number are attracted towards this hotel as the site of the hotel adds up to its natural beauty. After the construction in 1910 the renovation of the hotel took place in 2011. The hotel has a large staff with around 250 employees working for the hotel to provide services to its guest. The hotel is also known for its warmth and generosity. At an average of around 26 suites and 104 rooms are present in the hotel.

5.Park Hyatt, Zurich

Unlike the other old heritage hotels, Park Hyatt is one of the most modern hotel. It is located in Zurich. It provides more than 125 rooms and more than 10 suits for tourists. Park Hyatt provides most modern facilities. Facilities like Restaurants, Bars, Health clubs, Spa, Sauna, etc help this hotel to be in top ten best hotels of Switzerland.

4.Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel CH

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois is located in Basel. It is one of the oldest hotels of Switzerland. It provides more than 100 rooms for tourists. Bars of Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois are the point of attraction in Basel. Natural views and hospitality at its best make Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois one of the best hotels of Switzerland. Bars of this hotel also provide fine cigars and old wines.

3.Palace Luzern, Lucerne

Palace Luzern is situated on the banks of Lake Luzern in the city of Lucerne. Tourists who want a classy natural experience come to Lucerne and Palace Luzern is their first choice. The rooms of this hotel provide a great natural environment and a lot of enjoyment to costumers as each room is designed with lot of enjoyment activities. Spa is also available in Palace Luzern.

2.Hotel de la Paix, Geneva

Hotel de La Paix is located in Geneva. It is the most luxurious hotel of Geneva. This hotel also provides traditional hospitality along with luxury. This hotel is serving the tourists since 1865. Bars of Hotel de La Paix provide a great environment with a variety of liquors and fine cigars. This is the best place for holidays.

1.Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

Hotel President Wilson is located in the city of Geneva. The famous views of Alps and Lake Geneva are clearly shown from every room of this hotel. This is the first choice of tourists. So we can say that Hotel President Wilson is the best hotel of Switzerland. This hotel is spread over acres of area and more than 200 rooms are available here. The bars and restaurants of this hotel provides a great variety of food and liquor.


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