Top 10 Best Lifestyle Beach Resorts in the World

“ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY” an old English statement but very true in the present life also. Stressed by the burden of responsibilities, work, tension then you need to take a day or a week out. Remaining detached with the busy day life on a resort or a beach spending quality time with dear ones doesn’t only decrease mental load but also increases the efficiency of work. But your holiday could be disastrous if the right location is not chosen and to add to the list you have be to very choosy about the place of residence during your vacation. Most of the times couples prefer quiet and private places but the choice may vary from couple to couple. And we also know that it is very hard to arrange for a perfect location and a place to spend your vacation within a short notice of time. So this edition of top 10 brings to you the most exotic and ravishing top 10 resorts of the world where you can sit, drink and relax throughout your vacations and have a gem of a time with your loved ones.


“Paradise of earth” as it is better called the Fiji is truly a travellers delight, the exotic sandy beaches and the magnificent coral reefs coupled with the best of natural beauty, Fiji is a perfect place to go out on a vacation.  While in Fiji if you are a luxury freak then you must pay a visit to the Wakaya club.

One of the best resorts in the pacific located in one of the untouched corners of the south pacific lies the wakaya club. Its name has been derived from the Wakaya Island. The resort is famous for its unique cuisines and homely ambience. The resort staffs ensures you full privacy and in  lieu of that the resort houses 10 free standing cottages right with the sea view with a ample space of 1650 square feet enough to maintain your privacy. The list doesn’t sum up here  the resort has private garden, spacious room, personal bars, original yaka wood finish floor, cathedral type ceilings and much more. Fun doesn’t end up here the resort also arrange for your hobbies to be pursued and get a new dimension during the vacation. Hiking, jogging, golfing or a run across the beach will make you light and your partner feel special. So next time you are on a trip give Fiji a try and hospitality let it be on the able shoulders of THE WAKAYA CLUB.


A perfect location for sea lovers, the Hotel le Toiny is located in an island Cote Sauvage in between the Bay of Toiny and the Caribbean Sea. The resort or better called as bungalow resort is a fifteen storied posh building with various types of amenities required to make your holidays worth remembering. To add to the beauty lies the carribean culture and lush, green vegetation and Caribbean food. If you are seduced by nature’s beauty then you are bound to get lost in the beauty of the resort such is its magic. The resort provides various facilities for both the genders so that none gets bored right from exotic spa for your better half to lavish golf gardens, surfing arena and fishing rinks. If you are a health freak then you can also have a good gym session in their state of the art body fitness and cardio gym. So want to have a relaxing holiday plan your next one in the Caribbean’s and make sure you are in the HOTEL LE TOINY.


Well tired of Europe and U.S, want to go and explore Asia. Then Phuket is the land to start from. Right in the sea this place can assure the best of sea sport and shopping. Aman resorts “amanpuri” on the west coast of Phuket is a luxurious resort and perhaps one of the best in south East Asia. The place gains its name from the Sanskrit word “PLACE OF PEACE” and surprisingly stays to its name. The resort may not be as large as its counter parts with a facility for just 72 guests but its hospitality is what makes the difference. The designed pavilions, villas and private pools keep your privacy private.  There are plenty of options to hang out take silent walk along the white sandy beaches with a glass of wine in one hand and your partner on the other. If you are a sea fan then the resort also houses 20 luxurious boats for sea exploration and a visit to the nearby Phi Phi Island. You can also try a bit of diving in the blue waters of Phuket. The list does not end here the resort also arranges for special session of windsurfing, sailing and snorkeling  right in the heart of the resort’s private beach.


Turkey is well known for its classical heritage and rich history and natural beauty. The amanruya hotel in the heart of Aegean region of the Turkey is a combination package of all these plus many more elegant beauties. It was even named after the word “aman” meaning dream which also gives it a Indian touch. The resort specializes in its all pool terrace cottages. The cottages are fully equipped with their own lawns, swimming pool and outdoor bathing system. The visitors remain spellbound by the Mediterranean beauty and the historic Roman sculpture all inscribed within every corners of Amanruya. Besides historic view and natural landscapes it also offers facilities such as tennis courts, libraries, art gallery for art enthusiast. Tired due to travel you can spend a relaxing time in their spa. So this holiday if you want to mesmerize yourself in the roman way of partying take Amanruya as your home for few days.


When it comes to holiday how Mauritius cannot be on the list. The land is famous among international tourists for its pristine white beaches.  The four season’s hotel in Anahita  alone has 3 white sand beaches all in a lagoon and is obviously the choice for  place to stay for most tourists. The resort has an open air architecture combining of thatched roofs and wooden decks and planks and a mix of modern style. It has outdoor showers and private pools. The resort is located on the eastern part of the country and a brisk walk across the bridge will take you to a private island and that too is a property of the resort! You can keep yourself mentally fir during the tour courtesy the resort’s specially arranged yoga and meditation classes. The resort also houses a 18 hole golf course for sport enthusiasts. In shorter words it resembles the Mauritian way of life in a mini, compact but much better way than its counterparts.


The hotel or resort to be more precise is the ultimate destination for tourists who want to view a perfect mix-n-match of modern stylish architecture and contemporary natural aesthetics.  Located in the seductive Vieques Island the resort can boast for its stunning landscape views and varied natural scenes. The hotel is built in such a manner that every room has got a stunning view of the crystal clear bay and the mountains surrounding it. To add to the list lies the Caribbean sea in a distance. The comfort of the guests is the main motto and the main U.S.P of the hotel, the spacious rooms with goose-down quilts, pillow top mattress and cotton sheets with 400 thread count of special Egyptian cotton is the proof of ultimate comfort. Keep your tongue busy in checking out some of the world’s best cuisines and can go for some antique and rare collections of wine in their wet bar. The resort has a special facility which separates it from other resort in the region that it provides 24 dining service, so tired at 2 A.M feeling hungry grab your purse and rush to the eating lounge to grab some Caribbean delicacies.


Well luxury and leisure meets a new dimension only a few places around the globe, and if a list of such places is made then Dubai is surely on the top of that. The petroleum nation has been a name to mention for its lifestyle and wealth. Well it has been one of the favorite tourist spots since years, due to its mind blowing destinations and even more architectural marvels. Such an example of marvel is THE BURJ AL-ARAB; the exquisite resort is in the shape of a rising snail. The hotel is winner of many awards and fully suites to its standards of hospitality and exotic views. Just a minutes’ walk from the Jumeirah beach the resort provides helicopter journeys and scenic tours to the sea. The resort accommodates not one but 6 internationally acclaimed restaurants to fit your cuisine choices. Your journey to Dubai can also be made a king size like with a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce at your service. So next time you want to go Dubai for shopping or holidaying make sure you get your suite booked at the BURJ AL-ARAB.


Fregate hotel located in the pristine location of the FREGATE ISLAND just south of the equator is the place where out of the world beauty meets the ultimate isolation and magnificent seas. The hotel is famous for its sun set views across the globe. The resort is itself an island and takes pride in preserving and maintaining the flora and fauna of the region. The areas are so quiet that you can find your inner soul connecting with you. It has been the most favoured romantic destination for most celebrity couples. The resort also has Castaway Kids Clubhouse to meet the needs for a perfect family outing. The exotic resort houses 16 spacious and awesome villas with marble flooring and a Presidential villa. The view of sunset through the coconut trees with a drink in a hand in the Fregate is a perfect way to end a day during your vacation.


The 17 room beach front resort is located in the sugar plantation region of the Caribbean island of Mustique. The location of the resort makes it special to its visitors. The sun bath on the Endeavour beach that is considered to be one of the best stretches of sand is a must if you visit the resort. Want to explore more of the Caribbean culture their lifestyle the caretaker will arrange for special boats to the neighboring Grenadine Island. Then be ready to be treated by the special icy juices, wet towels and the lavishing Caribbean cuisines. A morning stroll in the beach around will surely be a stress buster for you and your partner.


This elegant resort opened in 1951. Basically it was a summer house that was renovated by the owners Marchese Sersale family into a 59 room hotel on the Alfami coast, Italy.  Located in the middle of Positano village, Le sirenuse has a home ambience with a mix of hotel atmosphere. The resort has private terrace and balconies and the floor is ornamented with handmade tiles. The view of the bay of positano and the elegant fragrance courtesy Eau d’italie will make your vacation a time to recall all your life.


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