Top 10 Best Attractions in Spain

Spain is a lovely place to visit with incredible sights and exciting things to spend your holiday. The place is just filled with so much of adventure and  attractive things . As it is very difficult to cut down the list of attractions in Spain to just 10 since the place is stuffed with so much. So here we have the top 10 attractions of the city Spain which one must experience while visiting Spain.

10.The Food

Food is the basic thing which people keep acheck upon whie they go to visit a place. The first and formost thing which comes out in this section is ensaimada and tapas in snacks and coffee and paella as drinks.Spain is very much popular for its cooking and so spain dishes are world famous. The dishes cooked there are very simple with straightforward ingredients. The ingredients which are used in making the dishes are always found to be nearby.They mostly use the crops which are grown regionally in thier dishes. In spain the cooking is very different in every region it is because of the hilly areas they dont have proper communication and transportation and since they use local ingredients so cooking differs in each manner

9.La Alhambra in Granada

La Alhambra is known to be a Moorish secured palace. This palace occupies most part of the city and is a vast complex which is covered with the wide area of grass and also with a great variety of flowers. For exploring every point of this palace you need a whole day. During summers this palace is seen all full with  tourists who admire the place  and  to visit the place you need to purchase the tickets  beforehand. La Alhambra is regarded as the greatest depiction of Islamic art as well as architecture.  Many technologies were taken into account while constructing the palace since it was built  on a mountain region. The palace has number of sights inside it like Alcazaba, it’s a palace castle and from there you can have a beautiful and amazing view of the city.

 8. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s incomplete cathedral. The work of building the cathedral started in 1882, and after two years later the workers and the architect resigned.  The design of the church is based on Gaudi’s altered style.  The construction of the cathedral relied on privately given donations and funds. Gaudi took the charge for completing the cathedral and he himself went to the site so that he can finish the left work. He died in 1926 and until that time he lived and worked in the cathedral. After his death the cathedral remains unfinished.  In the year 1979 the work for building the cathedral started again.

7. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Guggenheim museum is designed by Frank O. Ghery. The museum is constructed at the side of river which flows through the city and is named as Nervion River. The museum showcases prevailing and fashionable art. The museum opened its gates in Bibao for the crowd in October in the year 1997.  It is regarded as one of the most important architectural structure built in 20th century.

  6. Cordoba and the Mezquita

The mosque named as Mezquita is considered to be one among the most popular and beautiful place located in Cordoba. The place depicts all the changes related to religion which the city has gone through in many centuries. The place at which it has been constructed is said to be the sacred place. The place is so constructed that the monument remained for about 2o centuries. The place is considered as the only minster of the city, Cordoba.

5. Running of the Bulls, Pamplona


Running of bulls in Spain is a part of the world famous festival of the Spain named as Sanfermines which is celebrated in the tribute of San Fermin in Pamplona. The festival lasts for seven days. It is fun watching people running along with the bulls. But one needs to be cautious not only while running but also while watching. In this exercise small group of bulls are left open on the streets of Spain and people participating have to run before the bulls.  The bulls are then tied up after the given distance .This is counted as one among the dangerous adventure. To showcase their courage young people who are above the age of 18 participate in this fest. This is on purpose task which promotes the transportation of bulls from one place to other just in order to save them from being killed.

 4. Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Las Ramblas is just the place for straying away in Barcelona. It is a perambulator area which has many shops, restaurants and markets. One can spend the whole of his day there doing things like shopping and eating stuffs. This is place  which makes the city popular or one can say that this colourful place is the heart of the city filled with fun and liveliness

3. Art of Salvador Dali, Figueres

The painter named Salvador Dali is counted as one among the best painter of the world. The art of the painter can be seen by visiting his museum and mausoleum. The painter had his theatre in the former municipal theatre but this theatre was destroyed when the Spanish war ended. When the theatre was destroyed, Dali then planned to construct his own theatre.

2. Ronda

Ronda is a small town of Spain located in the way for Andalucía Mountains.  The city was developed by the Celts. The town has a beautiful bridge which acts as a connector between the old and new Ronda. Both the aged bullfighting ring and  the roman baths are located in this area of the Spain itself. The city has various historic monuments like Neolithic Age which has the famous rock painting of Cueve de la Pileta.

1. Museo del Prado in Madrid


Spain has one of the renowned art museum in the world known by the name Museo del Prado. The museum is located at Madrid. The place is said to have the assembly of the finest art work of the world.  The art named Las Meninas is said to be the best art work present in the museum. The art masterpieces which are numbered around 4,000 depict the history of Spain and its art movement all you will found under a single roof. Most of the art works situated in the museum were known to be acquired by the kings of Spain.



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