Top 10 Ways to make your Christmas more Special

 Once again, that time of the year is here when all of us are running around in a frenzy trying to finish our list of chores, cleaning, planning,Christmas is a wonderful day,full of joy and jubilation .It is that busy day of the year when we have our hands full with gift shopping and plans for the day but there’s always that nagging sense of the holiday being incomplete …so here’s something to lift your subdued spirits and help you enjoy your holiday to the fullest.Incorporating just a few of these ideas into your Christmas celebration make for a memorable family holiday.Christmas … is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety in  the world.It is celebrated on 25th December to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.People sing carols and visit homes and exchange gifts. Traditional feasting with special meal of Christmas dishes is also a part of Christmas.

10 . Shop till you drop

Make the most of this holiday season and indulge yourself !

Christmas incorporates the “holiday shopping season”. This is a good season for the retail at the start of the holiday season (the “Christmas shopping season”) and a period of sales at the end of the season.

Although once dedicated mostly to white sales  and clearance sales,  sales comprising the redemption of gift cards  given as presents.Shopping is said to be a stress buster especially for women so what are you waiting for just empty the shops already!so shop now!
9. See the world celebrate Christmas in their own different way!

Trips abroad are always special but they are more special when made during a festival and what better way to celebrate Christmas than to go abroad and experience the many ways to celebrate this festival of joy.Enriching scenarios , heart wrenching performances and Santa await you!Tip: if you have kids do plan a trip to Disneyland or any other theme park destination and you will surely have made their Christmas wish come true!
8. Rendezvous


Give yourself some “me” time and go out and relax and chill consumed by the serenity of your surroundings ….p.s don’t tell anyone where you’re going it’s called a rendezvous for a reason !Let your body connect with soul and take a break from all the worries in your life.It is a meeting at a prearranged time and place.

7.Meet and catch up with long distance friends


Give your friends a pleasant surprise by organizing a long due get together.It’ll be a memorable time for your friends and I guarantee you it’ll be a great fun and folly with your friends which will make you feel loved and blessed this Christmas!Is there anything better than a girls’ /boy’s night? Not really! You see, we love living it up with our BFFs and enjoying life to the fullest.
6.Pamper yourself to some excellent spa treatment


It is the time to shut your eyes and just be in peace with yourself.YOU are the one pampering everybody all round the year it’s time to indulge yourself for a change and to get yourself pampered!
Its gonna make this christmas shining for you literally !
5.Long drive and picnic with lover

Love is a beautiful relationship which a girl and a guy share with each other. So, get a car for yourself and take your lover out on a long drive.Let your love race …to the speeds of fresh air and lush forest scenery.Just enjoy the scenic beauty around you and let yourself be romanced by your lover.It’s your own personal get away from the qualms of daily life ,Enjoy it to the fullest.Get some great tunes you will both like and encourage her /him to sing along and carry some great food and games to keep yourself occupied and happy.
4.Go old school and have a comfy dinner with family

Nothings better than spending time surrounded by your loved ones ,enjoy your Christmas meal of traditional turkey  amd walnut cakes.Watch the telly together and enjoy some valuable family time.Open the gifts under the tree and decorate the house.Its gonna be an eventful, heart warming night.Christmas dinner is the perfect time to pull out all the stops and show off your cooking skills for all the family and in-laws
3.Let the party rock!


Enjoy and dance your heart out to some loud music by going to the disco with your girlies. Let this Christmas be about dancing your socks off and partying with your pals.Let the DJ rock your Christmas night.Celebrate Christmas at the best Christmas Parties.
2.Spend a day as a volunteer in an animal shelter.

Believe me it might sound boring but I assure you as soon as you get home you’ll feel a huge satisfaction !Have you ever gotten teary -eyed watching a stray frightened puppy shivering in the cold winter night.Help a puppy or a dog find a home or tend to its medical or nourishment needs.Some just need a hug…Do your bit for your furry friends!It’s not at all unnatural for those who love animals to want to become involved and actively do something to help them but even if we are scared of animals we should volunteer to make their lives better and in doing you will get rid of your fears as well.Animals need help everywhere. Get involved with a local shelter to improve conditions for animals.The benefits you would get from volunteering with animals would be the love that these pets give back to you. In my honest opinion,  there is no better place to go than a shelter to feel unconditional love this Christmas.Many shelters across the country rely on volunteers to help with the animals they house and care for. These volunteers can range in age from 11 to 60 year old.
1.Give and Distribute Gifts

You’re a privileged person you get loads of gifts doesn’t necessarily apply for those in need who can’t afford the luxury of gifts. Bring a smile to a child you’ll see the same in your face .Visit an orphanage and donate a gift, old toys and daily care items.You have no idea how blessed you’ll feel after seeing little kids having their wishes fulfilled and their belief in Santa Clause restored after all it is the festival of joy and giving !:)Christmas is a time of year that has immense meaning to many, is a cause for great emotion and joy what better way to celebrate this holiday than to bring smiles and joy all around us.This project will enable many orphans have special happy Christmas by providing the children and  their families with psycho social and material support.Making someone happy is what will make Santa proud of us this Christmas.

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