Top 10 Best Ways To Celebrate Parents Day

Do you remember when is Valentine’s Day? Ofcourse you do but does anyone remember when is Parent’s Day?

We all greatly underestimate the very beings who brought us in this world and raised us and made us able to make our own decisions from the time we were helpless infants. Took care of our needs, tolerated our tantrums and mess and if i were to go on it would take forever to get too all that our parents sacrificed so that we could smile. There is no possible way we can pay them back and believe me thats the last thing they had in mind too, but we can at-least let them know that we appreciate their love and kindness just this one day that comes in every 365 days that we call Parent’s Day. So , here is a list of top ten ways you can make your parents feel special and let them know what they really mean in your life.

10. Obey Your Parents

If there is nothing else you can do then you can atleast make your parents happy by being obedient to them. Well you do not have to be a slave to them and they won’t want that either. All you have to do is respect what they tell you, whether if its about trimming your hair, losing your dreads, wearing traditional clothes or perhaps a visit to the temple or church with your parents. The idea is to keep your parents happy this day and there are tons of ways you can do this. Just stop being so uptight at home just this one day.

9. Clean the House

This is one of the oldest and most basic “Happy Parent’s Day” formula. It is the most simplest as well but works wonders for your parents who are more than delighted to see you offerring help to your parents even if they clean your messy room rest of the year. You do not always need to extravagant with expensive and flashy gifts. They are not like your girlfriend and all they want is to know you love them back for the affection they shower on you. So, this day wake up early and take on the household chores and force your parents to take the day off from it. Even if you mess up more than you clean up, your parents will have cherished memories forever.

8. Cook For Your Parents

No-matter how old or young your are, there is never an inappropriate time when you cannot cook for your parents at Parent’s Day. It does not have to be delicious and no, you cannot order from outside. All your parents want is to know that you care so even if you do not even speak with your parents rest of the year, make this day an exception and cook them a homely meal that you are good at so that they also feel the love while gulping on the meal.

7. Give them Cards

One thing that never grows old is to let the words in the cards do the talking that you hesitate on. Find a good Parent’s Day cards that says all the right things that you had in mind or make one yourself. It is always a good way to let them know how special they are and the cards always do a fabulous job at such. Remeber to at-least be humble and polite while handing them out to you loving guardians so that it adds to the warmth of the card. Its always feelings that do the trick and true feelings like love and affection can be felt beyond traditional five senses.

6. Buy Them a Gift Yourself

When i say so, i do not mean to ask money from them and just buy it youself. If you already earn or even if its your allowance you have saved, spend it on something useful for a change and get your parents gifts that you know they will love. It does not have to be expensive but just something that stands out speaks out your love for them. It could be something they very much need or something they can use often that would remind them how thoughtful it was of you. Again, they are not like your girlfriend so even if you end up buying something simple for your parents, rest assured they will cherish it all thier life. Its not the gifts afterall, its the intentions they are given with.

5. Spend The Day At Home Playing Family Board Games

This is one of the simplest and yet one of the most exciting way to celebrate this day. Take a day off work or school and spend the day at home with your family. Nothing like old board games that has room for each family member with rules soft on everyone and playable by all ages. Its not about winning when its family, its about spending time together. A few soft drinks and snacks with the whole family together is the ideal way to make your parents happy. Family is whats important even if it is for just a day in a whole year.

4. Organize a Surprise Party

Your parents might be out the whole day working so they can pay for your expenses so what you can do is docarate the house in a simple manner and organize a surprise party on this special occassion of Parent’s Day with all your family members. When you hear “Party” it does not always mean crowd and booze when with your family. Keep the invitations for your family members only and set the mood with something your parents with enjoy. A family barbecue or campfire maybe. Don’t let it be an excuse so that you can have a party, remember the goal is to make your parents happy and you will end up with an album full of family pictures in the process.

3. Take Your Parents For a Day Out

Remember when your parents used to carry you on their arms and take you out to pamper you? Now it is your turn to do the same, though you can forget about carrying them in the arms thing take your parents out on this special day and treat them like royalty. They do not want candy and ice-cream, or they just might but the key is to pamper your parents like they did to you when you were small. Take your parents out for a day in the amusement park with the whole family or take them for a movie or dinner perhaps. Even a trip to the local part would do. Remember that your parents are the celebrity this day so make sure every plan revolves around their preference and don’t force them to have fun your way.

2. Organize A Get-Together With Your Parents And Grand Parents

What could be a more delightful way of celebrating this day with your cherished family members with all three generations coming together. Its will be a day to remember with plenty of Kodak Moments as you appreciate your parents as they do theirs. Organize a surprise party with your grandparents and parents or just spend the time with all of you together for the day. Make dinner arrangements and fun family games. Afterall, a family that dines together stays together, or something like that. This will be an emotional as well as one of the cherished moments in your family.

1. Visit An Elderly Home

There are plenty of times when you can have fun with your family but take this one special day to celebrate those who are not fortunate enough to do the same. Visit an elderly home with your parents and spend the day with those who were abandoned by the very individuals who they cherished sacrificing their youth and energy in the process. You do not need to donate food or clothes but spend some time with the old souls who will be more than happy to see themselves being treated as guardians and respected . It will be and emotional moment for you and your parents as you pay tribute to all those parents who deserve no less than your own on this day.

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