Top 10 Bucket Wish List Ideas 2013

The most awaited of the year is soon coming. The best part of the year ;yes its time to welcome the new year. In the past year i.e 2012 we all did a lot of things for ourselves and for the family. But still deep down inside there are so many things that we still want to do. The opportunities that we could not get in the current year we wish that we will surely get it in the year to come. hence we have this habit of making a to do list for the coming year. Be it a child or a teenager or be it a grown up adult; We all have our wish lists ready. Here are the 10 bucket wishes ideas that form a part of majority of new year welcome-rs out there.

10. I want a great salary.

It is no longer enough to simply have a job we also need a better pay. With price extortion unleashed on the human race each individual is chasing a better statement. This is in particular for all the people out there who have families to support and who themselves are planing to start a family in the coming year. Most of the people who have started with their careers in this year are hoping that in the coming year they will be able to reach a five digit salary at least  Most of the people take their bucket wish list as an inspiration. I am sure in the year all those who are in desire of a better pay will be aiming tirelessly for it. Wish you all the best.

9. Learn a new language.

We live in groups and communicate our thoughts. We share information. This we all achieve by using a language that is comprehended by the listener. We all interact with many different kinds of people daily who speak different languages. At times the dialect fascinates us and we decide to learn it. At time the people in relationships try to learn their partners mother tongue to get closer. Some of you might have decided to learn a foreign language so that you can work there with ease. No matter what reason you have hope in the coming year you learn that new language and make life even more colourful.

8. Visit a chocolate factory.

Chocolates; it is the biggest weakness that most of us have. Most of us eat chocolates and wonder what is it that makes it so delicious. Hope you all have heard and seen charlie and the chocolate factory. This movie immortalized a chocolate factory . It made the chocolate making process all the more intriguing. Being one of the chocolate lover I too have a desire deep inside to see how they make my favorite bar of chocolate. For all the chocolate fans like me; hope the coming year brings with it an opportunity to visit my favorite chocolate factory and see for myself how the world best chocolate is created.

7. Set foot on 7 continents.

The world is a huge and beautiful place. Geographically it is divided into seven continents. Each continent has its own scenic beauty . It hosts its own unique variety of flora and fauna. Each place has its own history and architectural marvel. Having seen one place is never enough for nature lovers . Most of the people are keen on visiting every continent to witness the diversity this world has to offer. Although it is quite an expensive wish but it is worth every penny you will invest. Hope you witness all the beauties of this world in the coming year and experience the ultimate bliss.

6. I want to confess my love.

Although hook ups and break ups are a trend now; but still there are individuals who still are firm believers in love. While most of us can approach anyone we wish to there are many who are not so good with the opposite gender. Their love for someone lies in their hearts as they never pull up enough courage to confess. And trust me there are many of this kind out there. Their confession is still on their wish list. To all my such friends who are afraid of confronting ; confessing is not a crime . There is no need to fear the one you love. Hope you will celebrate the next new year with your beloved one.

5. A trip to Disneyland.

Walt Disney the creator of the magical world of Disney.  Starting from a tiny cartoon named mickey mouse to an array of creations the charm of Disney enchanted the entire world. From soft toys to story books the world of very kid is full of magic. Disney land is the ultimate attraction for any Disney lover. It is the place where all the fairy tale creatures come alive. From rides to the parade the place has got everything to capture your soul. If you have this on your wish list then you must do everything you can to make it come true because its a spell bounding experience  Hope the year 2013 turns out to be magical for you.

4. Go para-sailing.

The need for adventure has given rise to numerous sports. These sports test the individual to its ability and gives ultimate contentment. One such sport is para-sailing  It is a semi aero sport where in a person wearing a parachute is tied with a long rope to the rear end of a speed boat. As the boat speeds up the gushing wind takes the individual to a height where he enjoys the view and the wind. If you wish to go para-sailing it can come true as most of the mega beaches offer this now a days. Wish you have all the fun.

3. Study abroad.


people who wish to have a great career often have the intention of studying abroad.  There are many countries in the world which host some of the world’s oldest and biggest universities. Some of the greatest scientists have been a part of these universities. Students aspire to be a part of these institutes. Many students struggle every year to make it here. If you too wish to study abroad then all you need is a lot of hard work. Hope your dream comes true in the year 2013.

2. I want to loose weight.


It will be bias to say that only women will have this on their list. We live in the era where your personality decides a lot about your career and future life. Be it a marriage proposal or a job interview your personality plays an important role in getting you what you want. We want to lose that extra chunk of mass on us to get in shape and enjoy the privileged that come with it. Hope this wish remains as an inspiration and you succeed in shedding those extra kilos which are also dangerous to health. So hope you have a healthy 2013 and the years to come.

1. Win a lottery.

Even the most successful people have said that luck is a very important factor for achieving anything. For some people luck is everything. There are many who wear lucky stones and carry lucky charms to improve their luck while there are others who continuously try out their luck. Hundreds of people out there buy lottery tickets everyday hoping to hit the jackpot. They wish that their luck will change their lives once and for all. If you to are a lottery lover then I am sure you to have this wish that you win a jackpot in the coming year. I hope the year 2013 makes you the luckiest one around.

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