Top 10 Best New Year Gift Ideas 2012

Some say love doesn’t need a language; when you are in love you never need to say anything, your partner will understand your silence. But when this silence is elongated, your mate buys the opinion that you have somehow lost interest in him/her or you do not love or care for him/her anymore. At this point relationship breaks, friendship ends and understanding fades.

In every relationship, it is essential that you keep on expressing; the day you cease to show affection, the charm begins to vanish. You are not supposed to write long letters or purchase expensive gifts, few words of concern or a small token of affection can do the work. Every now and then give them small gifts on various occasions.

New Year is the starting of another year; you can always start fresh at the beginning of the year. If you are having a hard time with your loved ones, buy a gift for him/her and express how much you love them and take a burnished start. There are many gifts you can buy for your loved ones. Among them the top 10 are:


This really cool technology is out there; you can get your own picture printed on a shirt or on a mug. This thing is available in many stores and it is not that costly. Almost everyone can afford it. Just take the best picture of you and your friend and give it to the shop keeper. He will get your picture printed on the shirt or the mug with 2 3 days. And if you don’t want the picture, you can get any other initial or quotation printed.



When two people are together, they do not need a mirror. They can see each other in other person’s eyes. When two people are together, they depend on each other. When two people are together, they see in the other person and look for inspiration. Sometimes you receive the inspiration and encouragement you desire; you look upon your partner you see charm and happiness and it makes you happy. How you ever thought about what your partner sees in you when he looks upon you? You know that your mate makes you happy and gives you inspiration but is your partner receiving the same? Try to make the person whom you love happy by improving yourself.


Burn a C.D and place all your memorable moments in it, make a small movie about how you guys met by joining the clips if possible; with the help of some song track or sub titles. It will help remind both of you of the moments when you stood for each other. Because sometimes it’s not the present which is connecting us with each other but it’s our past.


A bracelet or a band represents an oath. A band is of closed shape and it signifies that you will always be together. A circle has no ways out; the further you go the more you get close because after some time you will automatically began to walk towards each other and meet in the end. By giving a bracelet or a band you make an oath that nothing in this world can separate from each other.



When was the last time you hanged out with your old buddies? The last time you phoned your childhood friend? It’s hard to remember because it has been a long time. Ever thought about giving them a surprise. Turn up on their doorstep suddenly and when they open the door, just yell “SURPRISE, see I haven’t forgotten you”. It turning up on their doorstep is not possible, place a call at mid night and be the first one to wish them.


In this busy and bustling, we never get time for real talk. We just communicate and exchange dialogues. We are well aware with whatever is going on in each other’s life but we have no notion regarding our loved one’s heart. We meet every day yet we long to share our heart. When was the last time you shared your dreams or fears with someone or vice versa. Make out some time from our busy schedule and spent time with each other.


When you were a kid, balloons always made you jump out of their seats. There you saw it and within a second you are flattered. You never cared about the time or the occasion. All you cared about was that balloon. And it was only the balloon you ever cared about because in our childhood we had nothing to worry about. Today as we have turned into mature adults, it’s the complete opposite because we have to worry about everything and the only thing we want is that balloon. We want that carefree life back. We may not be able to vanish all their problems but by presenting someone with balloons we can give them few moments of their childhood back. Few moments of peace won’t hurt in this cruel world.


Bake a cake for your loved ones and place two candles on it. Blow the candle together and make a wish. Baking is not a cup of tea for everyone; no problem, take some slices of bread and spread a lot of jam on it, place them on each other and there your bread and jelly cake is ready. You can place candles on it and make a wish together.



Go to a shop, buy a Yew Year card and give it to them. What is the big deal in that? Everyone does that, anyone can buy a card. But when you make a card with your hands, when you spend hours on that thing, you get the feeling that you are actually willing to give them something. When you give that card to someone and when that someone realizes how hard you have worked to wish them, a unique kind of charm appears on their face, they feel special and they feel that they actually means something to you.


There are times when your mate thinks that you are trying to buy his/her trust. You present them with many kinds of gift yet you fail to win their love, because you can never win love nor you can buy the affection. Love can only be earned; this esteem can only be earned when you show how much you care for them. Talk to them; make them realize how much you value to them. You must make a vow to always be there for them in thick and thins of life, that you always stand up for them, you will never leave them alone and that no matter how hard the situation is you will never leave their hand. This is the best gift you give to someone.

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