Top 10 Best Gifts for Family this Diwali

Diwali is considered one of the auspicious occasion as well as festival for the people of India. This festival is considered to be the best example to congratulate on the other hand forget all regrets with anyone. Thus, Diwali is one such occasion in which people give greetings to each other by giving gifts. Gifts become the medium to congratulate and prosper someone with love and happiness.Gifts can be in any form such as sweets, chocolates,home decor etc.  Here are top ten gifts to be given to the family

10. Kitchenwares

This is one thing where ladies never stop for buying. They want that they should have everything in abundance to serve
their guests. This include not only essential utensils rather other items also such as set of cups and sausages, a set
of trays and something which you think is new or will give unique look to a kitchen should be gifted. These items can be
gifted to anybody whether it is a colleague, a friend or some relative.


9.Electronic Appliances

This gift could be termed as heavy gift as it include huge budget.Gifting someone of huge budget may awkward your
situation but such gifts are mostly given to very close family member such as giving microwave oven to your married
daughter. This may also include vacuum cleaner, some kitchen electronic appliance. This will increase respect in the
family on the other hand if your daughter staying alone this will add to thier house.

8. Bedsheets

A few years back or even today, a new trend has started of gifting a set of bedsheets,a set of quilt or cushion covers of ethnic designs which also add beauty to the home decor. Gifting a set of bedsheets may look awkward but this will not be so bad if gifted of good branded quality such as amway etc. as this will be termed as a gift of remembrance and that also at a special occasion.

7. Personal Gifts

Sometimes very close relative or even our family members think of gifting personal such as a watch or wallet for a
brother or fiancee, a smart top or a handbag for a sister. Sometimes children want to gift their parents also in this
case children can buy elegant pearl set for their mother on the other hand they can buy smart T-shirt for father. While
giving gift to the family member one should take preference of selecting of their choice if they know otherwise they can
go along with them.

6. Home Decor

Home doesn’t give a complete look if your surroundings are not comfortable and beautiful. On every Diwali,
people think to bring something new to their house rather they also think to renovate just to give a new look to their
house. At this moment gifting them something to add to their home decor will bring shine and happiness in their home
moreover will increase respect for the person also. Home decor can include anything such as wall paintings, flower vase,
some kitchen ware or even god figure. This also include decorative pieces like good luck charm and wind chimes. Home
decor has wide list of gifting someone this may also include personal belongings if you want to gift to a friend.

5. Sweets and Cakes

This is one of the common gifts which are being given as this saves time on the other hand this is most liked by people.   This gift is now at the backhand as sweets are expensive these days on the other hand coming generation demand something new to the taste. This option has been substituted by chocolates pack and some other gifts pack.

4. Dryfruits packing

According to the demand of the coming generation, this gift is considered to be one of the common and likeable gift. With increasing demand dryfruits pack has substituted sweets, as even in every sweet shop also dryfruit packing is available. During the festival of Diwali, dryfruits are mostly consumed by people being health conscious.  This packing comes in various attractive designs which include dryfruits from walnuts to cashewnuts till pistachios.

3. God Figures

Diwali is related to goddess Laxmi and god Ram Chandraji. Without them this festival is incomplete so gifting some unique symbol of god to special one will be totally different on this special occasion. God figure is not only the symbol of blessings but it also become the symbol of strength, love, happiness, sacrifice and courage.This can be gifted to anybody whether it is a family member, friend or relative.

2. Candles pack

Candles add to the beauty of  the house as it illuminate and become the symbol of prosperity and shine. So gifting symbolic gift is something great.It also become decorative piece as various candles pack are available in the market with different aromas. This candle pack not only include candles in various designs but also include hangings with aroma termed as torans specially for diwali. Such type of gift can be gifted to a friend. On the other hand, such gift give remembrance of a person who has gifted .

1. Chocolates

This is one of the most common gift used by people these days as instead of sweets people like and prefer to eat various branded chocolates. Now a days, market don’t have less variety rather they have huge variety of chocolates with decorative packs. This pack not only include chocolates but wafers, namkeens accompanied with juices. This pack is not open but this contain packing in decorative baskets of various sizes. This type of gift can be given to siblings, friends or even loved ones.

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