Top 10 Wood to Use in your Home

When you are planning to make or renovate your home there are some decisions you must take that involve your safety, efficiency and look of your house. It depends on where you live or want to live that helps you decide what kind of material you want to use based on the weather conditions. Wood should be used most cautiously because it reacts quickly to the environment and atmosphere around you. There are many types of woods with two main types such as soft wood and hard wood. Following are the types of woods you can use for flooring or furniture.

10. Maple

To bring in some light to your room or house, you can use maple wood for floors. Although it’s dent resistant and light colored, maple is quite expensive and it doesn’t quite absorb dark stains. Over time it becomes yellow in color and needs attention regularly.

9. Pine

Pine comes in the category of soft wood, which basically means that it’s not dent resistant and you can’t keep heavy furniture on it. There are various kinds of pine wood but the heartwood pine is better in terms of resisting dents and scratches as well as invulnerability to humidity.

8. Cherry

This type of hard wood is mainly used for furniture. It is dark red in color apparently and is delicate with soft grain. Though mahogany gives a red tint but is more expensive and less durable than cherry.

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7. Walnut

An expensive wood used for flooring and furniture, Walnut is much more stable than Cherry and also looks better. You can use this in rooms that do not get light more often.

6. Teak

You can use this wood outdoor for your furniture as it is water resistant and strong in nature. Mostly used outdoors due to its resilient nature and because it doesn’t wear down with age.

5. Bamboo

Mostly considered as a grass, Bamboo sticks are pressed together as a bundle to make it durable. It is stronger than oak and is suited for modern houses with contemporary designed rooms. Made to last long as other types of hard wood, Bamboo is very expensive and not scratch resistant.

3. Oak

It comes in light and dark wood. People prefer oak wood that has less grains but this oak wood can be bought as factory-finished or finished on site. The better the quality of the grain the more costly it gets. If you don’t wish to use carpet or rugs this sturdy wood is great as it is dent resistant and scratch resistant.

2. Ash

Harder than oak, Ash comes in two types of wood: sap wood and heartwood. Comes in various types of grains and becomes costlier with more consistent grain. Its elasticity makes it more unique than other types of wood and cannot be broken under pressure.

1. Cedar

Cedar is suitable for closets and wall coverings because due to its aromatic nature it repels insects. Mostly used in making furniture Cedar is a soft and weak wood. However it does not decay or snap easily due to its thick quality which makes it inexpensive as other woods.

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