Top 10 Tips for Aspiring Fashion Designers

The world of fashion is a very wealthy one. All successful fashion designers out there live in nice houses, drive fast cars and own a fat paycheck. There is no doubt about it – being a fashion designer is one of the greatest careers out there. If you are an aspiring fashion designer yourself, here are some tips for you to get to the top.

(10) Look for an internship.

Experience is the best teacher. If you are free for an internship, then go ahead and score one. You can do this at a modeling agency, runway shows, fashion magazines and more. Any industry that has something to do with fashion would do.

(9) Invest in fashion courses.

There are many things you can learn from fashion schools. Just make sure that these schools you attend are accredited and will give you a certification after you graduate.

(8) Practice fashion.

To be a successful fashion designer, you have to be a fashionable person as well. So no matter where you are or what you are about to do, make sure you put some thought in the clothes you wear.

(7) Go to runway shows.

What better way to experience the world of fashion but to be present during fashion shows! You get to travel, meet people in the world of fashion and get to see new trends as well. Take a lot of pictures and conceptualize once you get home.

(6) Know the latest news in fashion.

This does not only mean the latest trends for clothes, shoes and accessories. It also means knowing the latest news or progress on your favorite fashion designers and brands. This way, you get to know how the movement in the world of fashion happens.

(5) Know the brands and designers by heart.

Big designers and brands are always the talk in the fashion industry and if you don’t know them, you won’t know what to talk about. So for you to be in the loop, know the people and the brands that you are supposed to know.

(4) Always draw what’s on your mind.

Always keep a sketch pad and pencil on your bag just in case you suddenly get a burst of inspiration. Draw sketches everywhere. Who knows, the next greatest fashion trend could be drawn by you at the bus station.

Aspiring Fashion Designers

(3) Keep on practicing and persevering.

No fashion designer made it far without taking his craft seriously. You do not stop when you think you are good. You don’t even stop when everybody praises you for your work. The fashion industry is very dynamic, there will always be room for improvement and there is always something new to discover so keep on practicing and persevering.

(2) Accept projects even if you don’t get paid.

You are small time for now so people will offer you little to no pay. For instance, if your cousin is getting married, offer to design her gown for free in exchange for her modeling for you and including her gown in your portfolio.

(1) Read fashion books and magazines.

Fashion is a continuous process of learning. There is always something new so keep your office stacked with fashion books and magazines.


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