Top 10 Most Popular Street Wear Brands

A distinctive style rooted in the surf and skate culture of Los Angeles, CA, streetwear has since evolved to include elements of hiphop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and even Haute couture. Streetwear generally centers on comfortable clothing – jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers- but focus more on exclusivity. Let’s list down the ten most popular streetwear brands and what makes them click.

10. Mishka

Graphic T-shirt fanatic Mikhail Beatnik founded Mishap in 2003 by shelling out $20,000 to start a T-shirt company. Mishap has since evolved to produce jackets and outerwear, hats, and bags. Mishap uses music as part of its promotional campaign by teaming up with DJs and releasing mixes together with their collection.

9. Pink + Dolphin

With the vision of producing quality but exclusive products, Pink+Dolphin produces a limited number of items per design to keep the product from saturating the market. From a small startup company in 2008, Pink+Dolphin has perfected the craft of producing shirts, jackets, and accessories in limited numbers.

8. The Hundreds

Started by Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar in 2003, this Los Angeles-based brand takes inspiration from local flavor. With influences ranging from punk to hiphop, the brand has ventured into printing magazines, producing a shoe line, and even an eyewear line.

7. Supreme

Supreme caters hip hop, skate, and punk rock cultures. Since its creation in 1994, the brand has collaborated with numerous brands like Nike, Vans, and The North Face. Exclusive lines from artists like Kaws, Glassjaw, and Futura 2000 have also been produced to cater the young culture that is looking for an urban, skate-style look.

6. Diamond Supply Co

Originally packaged as a skateboard hardware store in 1998, Diamond Supply Co has evolved into a clothing brand. With its line of shoes, shirts, jackets, and accessories, the brand has covered the bases of basic hip hop clothing.

5. Stussy

Shawn Stussy started streetwear in 1980 by opening a surfwear clothing company in the 1980s. The brand is packaged as a ‘California lifestyle’ clothing brand and has been sold in specialty shops and department stores, as well as in SoHo, New York.

4. Undefeated

From a high end sneaker store in LA, Undefeated has evolved into a premium streetwear brand in 2002.  Eddie Cruz and James Bond have transformed the brand into a synonym for limited edition trainers. The brand produces jackets, t-shirts, and accessories and caters the US and UK markets.

Street Wear Brands

Most Popular Street Wear Brands


What started out as a sticker design in 1989 has evolved into a world-famous clothing brand? Shepard Fairey’s OBEY campaign is rooted in punk rock and skateboarding but also takes inspiration from pop culture and political messages. OBEY clothing is heavily influenced by military clothing and day-to-day work wear basics.

2. DGK

Dirty Ghetto Kids, often shortened as DGK, started out as a skateboard apparel brand in Philadelphia in 2002. DGK takes pride in its bold statements that differentiate the brand from its competitors. This edge has found a niche for the brand in markets both in and out of the skateboarding subculture worldwide.

1. Bape

Otherwise known as A Bathing Ape, the brand was founded by Nigo in 1993. The brand specializes in producing men’s, women’s and children’s lines and has over 19 stores in Japan alone. Bape periodically collaborates with other brands and features popular characters like Super Mario, SpongeBob, and comic book superheroes. The company has also collaborated with artists like Pharell, Kanye West, and the Beastie Boys to produce exclusive clothing lines.

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