Top 10 Men’s Jeans Brands

There are quite a few brands, styles, washes and fits that jeans are categorized into, so it could be a tough job to decide which one to get. If you are a trendsetter, you might want to get one of the more expensive brands so that when you walk down the street, people would know what you are all about. Also remember that just because a particular brand is expensive, does not make it good. When going to a store, it is a good idea to try on a few brands and have some friends take a look at it before finalizing it.

Below is a list in no particular order of jeans that are the most popular.


You might notice that whenever you go shopping with your friends, Express is the first brand that your friends try on. They have quite a few styles to choose from including baggy, tailored and fitted.

9. 7 for all Mankind

Also known as Seven Jeans, 7 for all Mankind is a lot of peoples’ first designer brand that they select. The quality is top notch and the jeans itself is super soft. These jeans, depending on the way they are used, can last for a lifetime. Celebrities and stars use these as everyday jeans, even in movies.

8. LRG Jeans

There are not that many men’s jeans brands that offer as many styles and colors as LRG Jeans. They have a particular distinct look that just cannot be found in other jeans.

7. True Religion

The famous and wealthy use these jeans for everyday rough use, but it is a little bit harder for normal people, especially students, to afford these. You can tell from afar whether the jeans are True Religion or not by looking at the stitching, which looks like an upside down horseshoe, on the back pockets. They are remarkably comfortable and the overall fits are good too.

Top 10 Jeans Brands TrueReligion

6. Evisu

Japanese jeans are quite in around today’s youth and Evisu is one of the top selling brands. The fitting in this line of jeans is nicely balanced between extra baggy and extra fitted.

5. Gap

One of the most well-known international brands, Gap has a wide variety of “everyday guy” jeans. The number of sizes and styles that are available for us to choose from is quite large.

4. Levi’s

If you ever find yourself in doubt on which brand to go for and you have quite a few options including Levi’s, then Levi’s is what you should go for. They are the more classic type of jeans and they always look good on every type of guy.

Top 10 Men Jeans Brand Levis

3. Rock & Republic

These jeans are able to fit on most body frames and the wide variety of sizes that are available, make Rock & Republic quite a good brand.

2. Tommy Bahama

This might be a somewhat surprising entry on this list but for men of larger frames, especially with wastes sized 35 and above should start looking in Tommy Bahama when out shopping for jeans.

1. Lucky

These jeans can be nicknamed “every guy jeans” because men of all ages and body frames look good in these.

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