Top 10 Diamond Engagement Rings for a Lovely Bride

In Western cultures, engagement ring is a must before a couple finally take their vows. This ring does not only signify a person being engaged to be married but a symbol of a never ending love for each other. Therefore, choosing the perfect type of engagement ring is highly important for it will symbolize the couples eternal love and loyalty. To help you determine the perfect ring, here are the top 10 engagement rings that will surely take the breath of your soon to be bride.

A CUT ABOVE® Diamond Ring

A diamond symbolizes different things but being considered as the tears of the Gods by the Greeks only shows that this gem is a treasure. So if you want to make your bride to be special, the A CUT ABOVE® Diamond Ring is the most breath taking engagement ring any bride will receive. A well crafted piece of gem with crystals finely chosen and cut by experts with the use of high end technology. You can expect this diamond to be well polished that will surely shimmer and shine in every angle just like the engagement rings found on where you’ll experience buying diamond rings like never before because of its amazing customer service.

Top 10 Diamond Engagement Rings for a Lovely Bride

Classic Diamond Solitaire

The Solitaire diamond ring is one of those highly in demand rings right now. This ring looks simple yet with a touch of elegance giving emphasis to the diamond which in return grabs attention. This type of ring comes with different designs from classic to modern, from one giant stone which is the best seller to three diamond accent that is vast becoming popular.

Mark Schneider Engagement Ring

Although there are a lot of artistic jewelry designers existing today, no one could top the world class designer Mark Schneider. Producing some of the worlds dramatic rings, truly unique and captivating; his designs are timeless and speak nothing but high quality. Giving your bride to be a Mark Schneider design engagement diamond ring will definitely make the moment enchanting. Mark Schneider’s work of art can also be found on or you can reach them through email at and a fax number of 713-344-2477.

Three Stone Diamond Ring

If you want to make the occasion more elegant and dramatic, giving your bride to be a three stone diamond ring is the perfect idea. This type of ring comes with three diamonds representing the couples past, present and future. This ring will represent your bond when you first met each other, your present life and whatever life will bring you in the future. If you want to see this type of ring firsthand, you can check out the Whiteflash showroom at Houston area and experience jewelry shopping without the need of appointment.

Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Ring

Being the most popular type of engagement ring, this one resembles the same cut of a cone and bounces shimmering light in every angle. Performing a round cut ring takes extra effort for it will most likely result to a 50% loss of weight however if done by an expert, this ring will look brilliant! Giving this Round cut to your fiancé represents unending love.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

The Princess cut is said to be the next popular ring to the Brilliant Round Cut ring. This beautiful type of ring either comes with a square or rectangular shape that weighs heavier as compared to the round cut. Its look is classic and craftsmanship is truly impressive.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Oval Cut Engagement Ring

This type of ring is closely similar to that of a round cut which will give your fiancé the sparkle she wants and comes with an ageless look. This ring gives out a contemporary look which most women love and ensuring that its length to width ratio is large enough will give your lovely fiancé a slender diamond that she’ll fall in love with.

Vintage Diamond Rings

If your soon to be bride loves timeless piece of jewelry that shouts nothing but romance, then giving her a vintage diamond ring will make her heart melt. Vintage diamond ring comes with passionate styles inspired by romantic eras of the past. This is one of the most romantic engagement ring that will make the moment magical.

Rounded Open Cathedral Diamond Ring

If you consider your love for each other special and sacred, there’s nothing better than a Rounded Open Cathedral Diamond Ring. This ring obviously comes with a style similar to that of an open cathedral; a diamond is on top of it which you can choose either a rounded cut or a princess cut. If you want to impress the love of your life, giving her the cut she loves to go with the open cathedral ring will make your proposal perfect.

Customized Diamond Ring

If you want to be more creative and give the best engagement ring you can think of, having a customized diamond ring is one perfect idea. Designing your own engagement ring may be a challenge for you have to consider a lot of aspects, however with the help of a professional everything will fall according to plan. Designing your own engagement ring does not only gives you pleasure but also a sense of satisfaction.

Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring!

Choosing the perfect engagement ring could be time consuming, you need to consider what your partner desires and give her the best according to here taste and style. The perfect engagement ring is something that will melt your partner’s heart upon giving it. So to make sure that this once in a life time moment is perfect, choose a diamond engagement ring with a style that will leave your partner mesmerized.

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