Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women

Classic fragrance always make a comeback no matter what be the type and style or fashion and the sales of perfume that evoke nostalgic memories increase up to 50 percent in the past year. It has been still a mystery that why perfume have such a powerful impact on us. discoveries have been done and still continuing on it so that It can be discovered. Moreover in the history of cinema, there came a Movie name ” Perfume – the story of murderer” , so you all must be acquainted to it that How much impact a perfume can create and put on people. In this section of article here are some perfumes from class Women have been taken in consideration as per their basis of importance and impact. On an account of the perfumes, there are many varieties of them in the world and followings have been been selected very carefully and chosen throughout just keeping in mind to acknowledge the best to you, based on their use for young, mature and occasional purposes.

10.) Brit by Burberry

This is the perfume from the house of Burberry suited especially for girls and women aged in their mid 20. It has a fresh, classic, clean fragrance attracting the teen girls to its beauty parallel and it is ranged between $62-82.

9.)  White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

Introduced in the year 1991 with the fragrance notes of lily, rose, amber, oak-moss and sandalwood the perfume made blistering impact in those days still continue the reign of title with fixing a spot at number 9. Usually used as a casual wear and strength is moderate with a scent life of 6-10 hours and mainly used by mature women. Moreover, it has been a signature perfume for many women.

8.) COOL Water from the House of Davidoff

This perfume was introduced by house of Davidoff in year 1996 and it contains citrus, pineapple, and a few woody notes, and blended with the scent of ocean air for which the origin of its name has taken. The scent life is not last longing and ranges for less than 4 hours. Perfect use for women of any use and rest the name says it all. It’s refreshing, ocean like feelings and most of you will feel it cool throughout the day after the use.

7.) ROMANCE perfume

Perfume from the house of Ralph Lauren introduced in the year 1999 with the notes of warm and sexy citrus and levander with sweet spices and woods. Usually recommended to be used in day time with a lasting hours of almost 5-6 hours and strength of perfume is moderately observed and mainly used by mature women. It is especially for young woman in her 30’s. It give a feeling of very high sensuality and feminine.


This perfume was designed from house of Yves Saint Laurent in year 1977. It contains exotic floral, mandarin and coriander blend. Preferably used in evening with a very intense strength of smell lasting for more than 10 hours, this perfume is basically for mature women and the name suggests that it is very impulsive and addictive as well. So get addicted to it and make it your drug for sure.


The perfume introduced in the year 2004 is a very refreshing like just jumping out of water. The favorite of daytime and after shower perfume is used by mature and classic women just because it lasts up to 12 hours. Mainly treated as a class of romantic perfume, this has the notes of violet, orange, basil, cedar, bergamot and jasmine. Classification is purely flora type designed by Guerlain.


As the name suggests its origin. The perfume has its manufacturing from the house of hale Berry. This perfume can remind you of winter. A very sensual, woodsy and flowery type of this perfume is blended with the scents of mimosa flowers and those of figs and wood. Lasting for almost 7-8 hours makes it perfect to be used by celebrity class women and business class.

3.) CAN CAN – Paris Hilton

The perfume from the house of Hilton, Paris. This was introduced in the year 2005 and at first it aroused a very deep sensual feeling because of its wonderful fragrance. a very sleek, sophisticated and with the scents of frozen apple, peach , apple, freesia, mimosa, jasmine and many more it is perfect class of perfume used by girls for romantic use and to allure their loved ones. A classic perfume for use at any time fixes its spot at number three.

2.) Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

As the sayings goes, ” to impress a women git her a perfume”. Yeah, and being very frank and reviewing this perfume which is introduced by Narciso Rodriguez has created a world-wide sensation just because of its fragrance. Having origin of scents in floral, it is still like by the women not well with choices of flora. It contains soft, musky, fruity fragrance and any woman will love this perfume. Usually a class of mature women and adults use it, but with the time passing on, it has been in trends of teens also. Costing around $70-94, it is a classy perfume for women and it tops in the list at number 2.

1.)  The Enchanting Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Perfume

This is an alluring, bright and a playful style of perfume which is the newest and most adorable collection found in the Marc Jacob’s Scents. It is totally sophisticated, elegant and  full of innocence, available in many varied notes. Especially available are strawberry, white woods, grapefruits, vanilla, ruby red and many more. It is captivating and enchanting scent which gives a feeling of sensuality and sweet love once it passed you smelling buds. This perfume tops the list of perfume for women of all class.

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