Top 10 Best Cosmetic Brands in the World

Girls can forget their food at the home but not their Make up kit. Every girl want to look beautiful, elegant and smart. No doubt your natural beauty plays a important role but now  the mantra for looking beautiful and young has changed. Every girl want to have looks like Kareena or Katrina kaif. Various cosmetic brands are launched in the market and has gained popularity very soon. The costlier the product the more beautiful you will look. These companies of these cosmetic products has launched their products in different prices so that every class can afford it.

Here is the list of top 10 best cosmetic brands in world :

10. Shiseido

Shiseido is a Japan based Brand. This cosmetic band has a brand value of $2,907 m and has brand rating of AA+. The performance of the products of shisedio brand has been continuously increasing from  year 2009 to 2012. It is one of oldest cosmetic brand of the world. Shinzo Maeda is the president and the C.E.O of this brand. Shiseido cosmetic brand has launched many products like yardley, shadows, eyeliner, mascara, powder brush, compact foundations,oncealers and many more. It provide full make up products and that to even reasonable rates. The products of Shiseido brand has the highest sales in Europe and America.

9. Biore

Biore is also a japan based cosmetic brand. The brand value of Biore is $3,36 m and has the brand rating as AA-. Its market value is around 57 %. It offers many products like make up removing strips, make up removal strips for eye and lips, cleanser, moisturizer, waterly mousse, clear gel and many more. Biore products are widely used in japan, America, Canada and united states. The performance of the Biore products is constantly increasing that has made this product to rank from no. 10 to no.9.

8. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is a U.S based cosmetic brand. The brand value of Estee Lauder is $3,716m and has brand rating as AA. The performance of Estee Lauder has shown a great success and has become very popular. This brand mainly deals in hair, skincare, makeup and fragrance products. It is one of the oldest cosmetic brand and was founded in 1946 and has its headquarter situated in New york. The company was founded by Joseph Lauder and his wife Estee lauder.

7. Dove

Dove is a U.K based brand. the performance of the Dove products has decreased since past two years but it has somehow managed to ranked no.7 in the list. This brand was first introduced in 1955 and is owned by Unilever. Dove offer products for both men and women and its products are sold over 35 countries. The brand rating of Dove is AA and its brand value is $5,047 m.

6. Lancome

Lancome is a France based cosmetic product. It offers products like skincare, makeup and fragrances at the higher prices. This brand was founded 1953 by Armand Petitjean and its headquarters are located in Paris. This brand is owned by L Oreal Paris since 1964. This brand has supermodels and makeup artists as their brand ambassador. Its brand rating is AAA- and brand value is $5,095 m.

5. Nivea

Nivea is a Germany based cosmetic brand. It was founded on march28, 1882. Nivea is owned by Beiersdorf since 1900. Nivea basically deals with body-care and skin -care products. Its products like creams and moisturizer, shaving creams and tanning oils are sold in many parts of world like India, United States, France. Nivea brand rating is AA+ and its brand value is $ 5,574 m.

4. Neutrogena

Neutrogena is also a U.S based cosmetic product. It was founded in 1930 and has its headquarterss located in Los Angeles. It provide many products like cosmetics, skincare, cleansers, body and bath products, hair products and moisturizers. The brand rating of Neutrogena is AAA- and its brand value is $ 6,248 m.The performance of its products has increased making its ranking high from no.6 to no.4.

3. L’ Oreal

L’ Oreal is a France based cosmetic brand. It was founded in 1909 and has its headquarters located in Clichy. The brand basically deals with the cosmetic and skincare, hair colour, sun protection, perfumes and make up. In 2011 L’Oreal rating was no. 4 in the list but since a year its products has shown much great performance and has made it to ranked no.3 in the list. The brand value of L’Oreal brand is AAA and its brand rating is $7,774m.

2. Avon

Avon is U.S based cosmetic brand. Avon basically deals with household, beauty, personal care, clothing and toys  products. The products of this brand are sold across 140 countries. The company was founded by David H McConell in 1886. Brazil, U.S, China and India are the largest market of this brand. The annual sale of this product is around $10.8 billion Worldwide. Avon products are available for both men and women. The brand rating is AA+ and its brand value is $7,901m. It has second largest market in the world and its products has shown a great success from last 2 year.

1. Olay

Olay is also a U.S based cosmetic brand. Olay was founded by Graham Wulff in 1970 and was first named as ‘Oil of Olay’. It was first founded in South Africa. Olay offers many products like ‘total effects, perfect radiance , Oaly vitamins and professionals. The estimated revenue of this Cosmetic brand is  $79 billion worldwide. Its brand rating is AA. Olay products are the World’s no.1 cosmetic products in the World.

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