Top 10 Unknown Facts about Egypt

Few countries of the world have a rich heritage background and even richer cultural history. Egypt is a perfect example of this unique fusion. The land of Nile is a land of art, sculpture and culture since ages. There are numerous facts about Egypt we know, but there are even more mysteries that are yet unknown too many foreigners about Egypt.  This edition of top ten is a compilation of rare facts about Egypt. Egypt’s history lies from prehistoric times. So here goes our top 10 unknown facts about Egypt.


Egypt is one of the populous country of Africa and the middle east. Its total strength is 82.2 million. A huge part of the population majorly is settled in the banks of the river Nile. The area is about 40,000 square kms in area and is one the largest residential areas in the world. The Sahara desert area is sparsely inhabited. The other densely populated areas include Cairo, Alexandria.

9)   AREA and location :-

Egypt is the 34th largest country in the world. It is a transcontinental country located in the continents of Africa and Asia. It has an wide spread area of 1010000 square kilometres. It is bordered by the GAZA strip and the Israel to the northeast, the Mediterranean sea to the north, the red sea to the east and Sudan and Libya to the west. This country also forms a land bridge with the North Africa and South west Asia.


The Rosetta stone was discovered in Egypt during napoleon’s attack on Egypt. It was sculptured and carved in 196 BC. This stone had a a line written in 3 different languages. It helped us to understand ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Only one language was understood by researchers that is Greek. Later on translating the greek version many Egyptian symbols were discovered.


Egyptians had a rich cultural heritage. They did not only kept them confined to the massive buildings and monuments but in vented the eye liner and toilet seats. They  cured the broken bones for the first time and invented anaesthesia. Apart from them they invented the potter’s wheel, daily necessities like the scissors, tooth paste. The Egyptians were the first to design the 365 days calendar. The list is broadened by inclusion of items like key, clock, loom, hatchery, metal pipes, carpentry joints, Ink and many more.


It may be hard to believe living in present era that women once enjoyed more rights in Egypt. But it is a fact the women in Egypt in ancient times enjoyed more rights than men and were socially more powerful. They could start their own business, own their land, could pursue a career of her dreams. Even it is heard that if a divorce occurred, the women was given half of the property.


There may be several pleasing things about Egypt but still there is few history in Egypt that sounds weird. The crocodile dung was used as contraceptives. Mummies were treated as a medicine. Baldness a disease that still persists were treated with fats of crocodile, hippo, lion, goose, snake. Superstitions also existed at that point in Egypt though they were considered the most educated tribe. Some people believed that a death from snakebite would give them immortality and that’s why they opted for snakebites.


The capital of Egypt is known to all. Its Cairo. But there are many facts and unknown stories about Cairo that we don’t know. It is the house of one the oldest civilizations in the world. Adding to the city’s pride it is the largest city in Africa. The design and foundation of Cairo has been traced back to as early as AD 969 when it was the royal enclosure of the Fatimid caliphs. The name Cairo has been interpreted from Arabic meaning of “the victorious”. The Egyptian museum in Cairo is the largest collector of ancient Egyptian antiques. Cairo has the oldest university in the world . it also has the largest madrasa in the world built in 14th century by SULTAN HASAN .It is considered the primary seat of learning Islam. Cairo also offers a exciting side for the young travellers the legal drinking age in Cairo is 21 years so the next time you pay a visit there make sure you are 21 and grab a bottle of Egyptian antique wine. Another unique story about Cairo is that here Sunday is not a weekend but is traditionally a off day



It may be hard to believe if you are told that the deserts of Egypt were not deserts always. You might end up thinking that either this man is nuts or he is drunk. But it is a fact that has been discovered by researchers.  Researchers over years have found traces of marine fossils which proved to be evidence that once sea existed here. Moreover traces of salt water were found in the deserts. Geese were considered a sacred animal and wandered through homes without being interfered by humans.


The Egyptian flag is similar to the flags of SYRIA, IRAQ and Yemen. It consists of three bands which have been taken from the Arab liberation flag- red, white and black. The golden eagle of Saladin on the white band symbolises a special meaning. Even the colours in the flag also has a special meaning the black represents oppression that once and till now exists in Egypt, red represents the bloody struggle against oppression and white is the symbol for a bright future.

1)      PYRAMIDS:-

If you dream of travelling to Egypt then one place must come to your dreams is the pyramids of Egypt. It is the pyramids that have put Egypt top on the world tourism list. The pyramid of GAZA is the oldest and the largest. It is the only lone survivor of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The pyramids were built of lime stones, each of them had a weight of 2.5 elephants. The pyramid of Gaza took more than 20 years to be built. And has a staggering height of 460 feet that is more than the statue of liberty. The base of the great  pyramid takes up almost space as  five football fields.

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