Top 10 Surprising Facts about the Lake District

The Lake District is an area of astounding natural beauty, making it one of the most popular National Parks in all of Great Britain. Full of lakes, mountains and forests, The Lake District is a hot spot for both outdoor enthusiasts and those who just want to get away from it all.

Here are 10 surprising facts about this beautiful corner of England:

1. 94 Bodies of Water

There are approximately 94 bodies of water in The Lake District, more commonly referred to as ‘The Lakes’. The Lake District National Park covers 2292 square kilometres of beautiful countryside. The Lakes are located in the county of Cumbria, just 514 kilometres north-west of London.

2. Lake Bassenthwaite is the Only ‘Lake’ in the Lake District

Even though it is known as The Lake District, officially there is only one Lake in the area. Lake Bassenthwaite is the only body of water with the word ‘Lake’ in its title. Most of the others have the word ‘water’ in their title, or ‘mere’, which is an old English term for standing-water.

There many smaller lakes known as tarns, which is a Norse word. Most tarns are found on high ground and are remnants of the retreating ice age.

Top 10 Surprising Facts About The Lake District

3. Bring an Umbrella!

As might be expected judging by its name, it rains a lot in The Lake District. It can rain during any time of year, but don’t be discouraged because there is plenty of fine weather in the summer. The tiny village of Seathwaite receives on average 355 centimetres of rain each year, making it the wettest inhabited location in all of England.

In 2009 from November 19-20, 31 centimetres of rain fell on the area, flooding many of the towns in the lower region.

4. Local Population Versus Tourism Figures

Whilst only 40,800 people live in The Lake District, tourist figures for 2009 reveal that there were 15.8 million visitors to the park, and this number is growing every year!

5. Windermere and Wast Water

Windermere is the longest ‘lake’ in England at 16.8 kilometres, while Wast Water at 74 metres is the deepest. Wast Water has no bacteria or any aquatic life at all. In 1976, a murder victim was dumped in this deep lake, but after 8 years the body was found with no degradation, allowing police to bring the luckless perpetrator to justice.

6. The Most Mountainous Region of England

The Lake District is also very mountainous; it contains hundreds of mountains, hills and fells. The 10 highest mountains in England are all to be found in The Lake District, with the tallest being ScaFell Pike at 978 metres.

7. Home to Famous Artists and Writers

The natural beauty of The Lakes has long made it an attraction for artists and writers. The poet and writer William Wordsworth is chief among them and his famous poem ‘Daffodils’ is still echoed by the millions of wild yellow flowers that surround his hometown of Cockermouth each spring.

8. The Home of Peter Rabbit!

Beatrix Potter also lived in The Lake District and her tales of Peter Rabbit bring coach loads of tourists to her former home every year. Peter Rabbit is particularly popular in Japan and many Japanese tourists visit her house in The Lakes.

9. Birthplace of Rock Climbing

The modern adventure sport of rock climbing was invented here. W. P. Haskett Smith is widely regarded as the pioneer of this popular sport.

To keep your energy up after a vigorous climb, the region has a wealth of tea-shops and cafes. Though there are many great local recipes to be found, Kendal Mint Cake is particularly famous for its energy restoring properties.

10. Hordes of Sheep!

Even the millions of visitors to The Lakes are dwarfed by the number of sheep that live here! After tourism, agriculture is the region’s largest source of income, and the Herdwick Sheep that live here are the only breed strong enough to cope with the freezing snowy winters, strong winds and seemingly endless rain.


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