Top 10 Reasons to Delete Facebook Account Today

Facebook has proved to become the first love of a big percentage of youth population. In fact, people of all ages are increasingly becoming more and more active on facebook. People completely trust facebook, however they are unaware of the insecurity they are exposed to! Here is a list of top 10 reasons to delete your facebook account today itself.

10. Completely one-sided Terms of Services:

The Terms of Services of facebook are extremely one-sided and biased. It states that facebook owns are data and also, if the user does not keep his profile up-to-date and accurate, they can even terminate his/her account. You might think that these terms are there to protect the interests of facebook and are not practically enforced. They see their customers as unpaid employees for ad-targeting the data and use the crowd-sourcing in their benefit. You must understand the implications of these terms and delete your account today itself.

9. No real support for Open Web:

The Open graph API is a name given so as to disguise its closed nature. We are fooled by this and often help facebook to collect more data, however all our data is made public. They claim to be the only source of using it; however, it is unfair of them to call it open as it is proprietary to facebook. You cannot use this feature, unless you have an account on facebook. A purely open implementation would work with whichever social network we use.

8. Account is Difficult to Delete:

When you have finally decided to delete your facebook account, it is not all that easy. When you go to your account settings, facebook provides with an option to deactivate your account which is very tricky and not the same as deleting your account. Deactivating means you can still be tagged in photographs and be spammed by facebook. They make no claims about deleting your data and the applications you have used may keep your data as well. However, if you log back in, it is like nothing has changed. To actually delete your account, you have to look for a link which is not easily found. You then have to resist to click on the tempting like button that appears on all the web pages and do not log in for another 14 days.

7. Your Privacy can cheat you:

Facebook is a social media where you can make some true friends, but also you are exposed to an equally high risk of being cheated. People often send requests to people who are not very familiar and in no time they would open their hearts out. They would share all the personal information including their photos, videos, personal history. And, the next day you see all those images outsourced to the world. This is absolutely practical. Thousands of people have undergone this. You need to understand that it is not safe and a reasonable reason to delete your facebook account.

6. Applications unsafe to use:

Facebook is full of applications, where you can play games, find out stuff about your own character, find out more about your love and a number of several other things. These applications are very unsafe to use. Applications often ask you to provide access to your personal information. They transfer all your personal information to a third party. Your information might be misused and might not even be secure. Also, a number of viruses are invited into your PCs with these applications, exposing your system to risk.

5. Unethical issues against CEO:

CEO Zuckerbergs is very well known personality for all his unethical deeds. He being the CEO of Facebook, a biggest growing social network sites these days has an annotated history regarding his unethical behaviour. He started this network initially with his unscrupulous behaviour by sharing his personnel achievements by making use of the achievements of various university students. So how could one can be so sure about his data privacy and believe him that his data would not shared with the third party. According to various links it is proved that he always try to use and access  user’s personnel data to guess their email password and read mails in order to abase his rivals. It is also a rumour in the market that Zuckerberg actually stolen the idea of Facebook and for this allegation he has paid $65 millions.

4. Pictures can be accessed by all:

The most important security flaw in facebook is this that your pictures can be easily saved by all your friends. While accepting and sending requests, people are least concerned about security. They are always lured by the idea of adding maximum number of friends to their friend list. Now, if someone tags your photo, then all of their facebook friends can see that and can also save the photo on their computers. This pictures can be misused and you may have to regret later to have a facebook account.

3. Facebook Viruses:

Facebook is fully virus oriented social networking sites. Due to its vast network all over the world it has almost become impossible to protect it from unseeing viruses. These viruses are almost expanded along the whole network and corrupting our profiles. They are the main source of shutting us down in front of our friends and relatives by sending C-grade videos from our profiles through messages without being letting us know. This in the blink of an eye shuts our account. If someone tries to download those videos through their laptops these viruses automatically transfer to their laptops and becomes a reason for its corruption. These viruses with the name of actual profile owner post any unethical links or photos.

2. Personal Data doesn’t Remains personal:

Facebook acquires all the information about a person, his phone number, friends, interests, photographs and the entire personal bio data. We happily give all the information trusting the company. However, sadly, facebook doesn’t treat our personal as important as it is. Facebook transfers the personal information of the users to various third parties who perform various surveys and research on their data, without any due permission from the users. All the information is shared with the application developers, many of whom may be incompetent of keeping your data safe or they might be ethically challenged. Thus, a very obvious reason to delete your facebook account today is your data is treated as public, unless you have never used any facebook application.

1.   Facebook is an addiction:

Do you understand why you are glued to the computer screen all the time with your facebook logged in? It is because you are addicted! Facebook has severely affected your productivity and you are mind is always occupied with this one word ‘facebook’. You realise how restless you become when you don’t get access to facebook for 2-3 days. The first thing you want to do then, is check out the updates on facebook. You can sit for hours and look at pictures of people you know and you don’t know. You search for all the people in your life and send friend requests to them. If the facebook fever is high on you, it’s the time to delete your facebook account.

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