Top 10 Qualities of a Good Wife

A men and women have to get married at some point of time. Every married man wishes to have a good bride but the questions that come in our mind are: ‘what does a man wants in his wife??’, ‘what qualities does a perfect wife have??’… The answers of these questions are given below.

Most of the mentioned qualities are already there in women and those who are not there can be developed with love. Here is the list of Top 10 Qualities of a Good Wife:

10) Plan surprises

Not every day but organize some kind of party or celebration on some special days like his birthday or their anniversary. The surprises can be simple and sweet like making his favorites or going out somewhere he would love to be. Surprises will definitely bring some joy in his normal day.

9) Give him space

The husband himself has a life, a family, friends and colleagues. They are part of his life too. As a wife you should understand that your husband may have some interests or passions he is involved in. He should give some time to these things too. Never stop him when he wants to go out with his friends after a long time.  Don’t try to grab his full attention. A snooping wife will be annoying for him.

8) Prepare the house

She should be hygienic and should keep the house neat and clean. She should complete all the household work like cleaning, cooking before her husband comes to home from work. So that she can talk to him and give him some more time. If she can’t do so, keep a maid for doing these household works. Apart from these things, she should be wise with money and should never lie to her husband about it. She must take the responsibilities seriously.

7) Be pleasant

She should work to be pleasant toward her husband. Even if she had a bad day she should treat her husband well. She can share her day with him but don’t make him feel bad. She shouldn’t behave rudely to her husband, family and his friends even if she is in a bad mood. A good wife has a pleasant tone in her voice. When her husband comes home she will welcome him with a smile on her face. Her appearance should be neat, clean and beautiful.

6) Look Beautiful

Men would love to see her wife look well. When he comes home her wife should look good, so that after a very tiring day he will feel good after seeing her. Men always want his friends to be jealous of him as he has a beautiful and intelligent wife for lifetime. She should be presentable in front of his friends. All he wants is to get appreciation for his wife.

5) Keep him happy

In a wife’s life, it is very important for her to keep her men’s needs met. She should do as much as she can to make her husband happy. Small small things like waiting for him for dinner, on your Anniversary gift him something he like, give him time from your busy schedule, smile every time he look at you, will make him happy and his day better. The married relationship will struggle if men’s sexual desire is not fulfilled.  A good wife must understand the needs of men from his point of view not hers.

4) Express your love

She should appreciate his husband for his efforts. Men very much like positive reception, praises and admiration. A husband loves to hear ‘I love you’ from his wife, so she should say that to make him happy. She should do things to impress and pamper him when he is at home. She can give him a massage or can cook food for him.

3) Be honest

Men like honesty of women. A good wife would be honest, dedicated and loyal to her husband. The vows they have taken at the time of their marriage must be taken care of as marriage is a lifelong commitment.

2) Respect the husband

A fine wife will always treat her husband with respect. This includes the way she should talk to him. She must be polite and gentle while she is about to mention some point in an argument or talking normally. It doesn’t matter how much she speaks to her husband. All that matters are how she talks and treat him but that doesn’t mean that she have to be careful while talking to her husband. She just needs to mind her language. She should be respectful the way she say her words. Don’t make a scene in public; a good wife chooses to humiliate his husband in private not in public.

1) Supportive

A good wife should be very supportive. She should support her husband during good and hard times. She is an equal partner in their marriage. She will support her husband in all stages of their life. If a wife supports his husband, his husband will also support her and will respect her more. Don’t make the husband feel that she is useless and is adding to his troubles. A fine wife will always be proud of his husband.


All these qualities of a good wife are must for a happy, healthy and successful married life. But we can’t ignore the fact that marriage is a two sided relationship and men have to play their role in a perfect manner to make their marriage work.


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