Top 10 Most Weird Addictions

Addiction is said to be the activities which people tend to repeat again and again even if it lead to one or the other negative consequences. They do no bother if this activity will lead them to trouble instead they just keep repeating it on regular basis. Whenever we talk about the addiction of some kind, we generally talk about people having so habitual to having different types of drugs and alcohols. But there are some addictions which are very much weird and here in this article we have managed to collect such top ten most weird addictions.

10. Tanning


Our list of the top ten weirdest addiction starts with the tanning at the number tenth spot. Tanning is good for the skin and health if it some at the right time at in a proper interval. But there are some people who are addicted to this tanning. They seem to overdo this type of activity. Some survey have claimed that this is sometimes an addiction to the people as they spend more time exposing their body to the ultra violet rays of the sun then required. This not only leads to one or the other heath problem but is also not considered as a good step. Excess exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun may sometimes leads to skin cancer also and well this may be your life taking addiction.

9. Hoarding

Filth house kitchen before cleanup

The next weird addiction on our list is hoarding. Hoarding is an addiction in which people tends to collect different new items in their home without getting rid of the items that are no longer needed or have been used till their potential. This in turn lead to having a junk in the house where every little wanted and the unwanted things can be found. Well if you ask an expert he will definitely say that this type addiction is very weird and eventually it is not healthy too. Collecting things even f they are not of any use and then keeping them in your home or say filling your home with such things up to the brim is not at all a good idea.

8. Video Games

Video Games

Video Games are at the number eighth spot in our list of the top ten weirdest addictions. Video games are developed for the entertainment purpose of the people but when its use crosses a certain mark that it leads to addiction. Well having a video game addiction is not at all healthy for any one of you. Some people who get addicted to video games do not take in any other activities; they simply ignore all other activities. For example they skip their meal, important meeting and everything else just for the sake of playing the video game and well this is not healthy in any way. You have to maintain the routine. Playing video games is good but don’t make it your addiction.

7. Chewing Ice

Chewing Ice

The term which defines such people who are in the habit of chewing large quantity of ice is Pagophagia. This addiction of chewing ice is at the number seventh spot in our list of the top ten weirdest addictions. Some people have the habit of chewing ice and this is not at all good for them. Ice does not have any nutritious value in it and if you will chew it without having anything else then it is surely going to affect your health in one or the other way. Next is that because of this type of addiction they people may get severe headache and can also lead to the broken teeth.

6. Piercing


Well piercing at some spot in our body seems cool but when piercing is done in excess as being addicted to it, then it is not at all a good thing. And so piercing is at the number sixth spot in our list of the top ten weirdest addictions. Body is not something where you just keep on getting pierced. Having a hoe at certain body parts can be accepted but if you will have this done in several other parts then it will surely look pathetic. Body piercing has been in the lime light in the years today. So it is advised to get the piercing done only in a certain limit.

5. Tattoos


Over the years having a tattoo has been so much in trend that now every second person wants to have a tattoo in his one or the other body parts. Having a tattoo looks good too but there is some people who are addicted to having tattoo and is so much into this addiction they just keep on getting tattoo on their various body parts. Just imagine someone who has been inked all over his or her body. This not only looks ugly but is also unhealthy. So having excess tattoo is at the number fifth spot in our list of the top ten weirdest addictions of all times.

4. Dirt Eating

Dirt Eating

Imagine someone getting addicted to eating dirt. It looks so ridiculous when we imagine someone eating dirt. But there are some people in the world who are addicted to this kind of activity. They just can’t resist themselves from eating dirt. One should keep in mind that this kind of activity will lead to one or the other health disorder and eventually they will fall sick. The people who are addicted to eating dirt are called as geophagia and this addiction is at the number fourth spot in our list of the top ten weirdest addictions that people can have.

3. Shopping


Oh yes! You read it right. Shopping is the weirdest addiction that we have at the number third spot in our list. It feels good whenever one goes for shopping as we are about to buy something of our like but when this activity becomes a habit or say that if you get addicted to this, then it is not at all a good sign. You don’t have to be a victim of the excessive shopping. Go for shopping according to the need of the hour and not because of some weird addiction as it will unnecessarily add to the expense and at last you will not be pleased with it.

2. Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

In today’s modern society plastic surgery has become so much common that it has become addiction to some people. Plastic surgery is a boon for such people who need to get it done because of the one or the other activity that may have led to some defect of their body part. But this medical blessing is not taken in the wrong way. Some people are addicted to this and they get this plastic surgery done on a regular basis. So this addiction is at the number second spot in our list of the top ten weirdest addictions.

1. Gambling


Gambling is the weirdest addiction that we have at the number Uno spot in our list. Gambling is played for fun sometimes but there are some people in the world, who are addicted to it. Getting yourself indulged in gambling is a very negative sign. Some consider gambling as their hobby and if you are among such people then just get your hobby corrected before you land into trouble. While gambling it may be the case when you land into so much debt and eventually lose everything. So it is wiser to avoid such things.


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