Top 10 Most Intelligent People Ever Born on Earth

Intelligence got no religion, no race, no country- it is boundless and limitless !  It is next to impossible to define it .  When you say the most intelligent people the list will change from person to person because we all have our own way of defining it.  Each remarkable individual who is immortal in history for the greatness of his thinking ability did not limit their intelligence to the country they were inhabiting nor the era in which they were living .  They simply had one goal ; betterment of the human race ; and in which they succeeded completely. Mankind still remembers them with great respect .  Lets check out the great scientists who lived ever in this world!

10. Galileo Galilei.

Galileo was born in Italy in the year 1954 on the day of 15th February . He was not only a physicist and a mathematician but also a philosopher and an astronomer. He was the one who invented the telescope ! Geocentrism prevailed as a a firm belief at that time that said that Earth is the center of the universe .  Galileo objected  this and proposed that Earth was the revolving body around the sun like other planets and heavenly bodies.  This was met with strong oppositions from the church and hence Galileo spend the rest of his life under house arrest but did not withdraw his theory . Galileo is called the father of modern astronomy.


9. Leonardo Da Vinci.

I am sure that most of you will immediately think of “Mona Lisa ” after hearing Da Vinci . But there is more to this man than just being a marvelous painter of his time and the eras to come . His paintings spoke a lot about his thinking . What made them so intriguing were their scientific correctness to the human biology which were not established at that time.  He belonged to the era of rennaisance and had the thinking and imaginative ability that was simply inhuman for his time .  He was a technological genius and made blue prints for various machinery like the tank and the helicopter , a calculator etc.  Most of the illustrations could not be framed in real at the time he lived but today they are being explored and even used . Leo used to write in mirror script and his journals are therefore a mystery to the historians but as they are being understood they are simply adding to the marvel of this man.


8. Charles Darwin.

Charles Darwin was born on the 12th of February in the country of the Great Britain . He is very famously known for his theory on evolution which could be one of the most controversial in the history of scientists .  He stated that all living being have arised from a common ancestor and the ones that move ahead to the next generation are through natural selection; profoundly the law of the jungle which says survival of the fittest . This common ancestral thesis and natural selection principal was literally and instantly rejected by the biologists of that time due to lack of evidence. But Darwin  through his book “the origin of species” gave solid evidence and thus his theory was widely accepted not only by the biologists but also by the public and is still widely accepted.


7. Louis Pasteur.

He was born in France in the year 1882 on the 27th December.  He is known for his work in microbiology. He established ideology which was called the germ theory of diseases. He established treatment for some of the deadly diseases at that time, He coined the word pasteurization which is boiling the milk to kill its microbial load. This made the drinking milk safe and is still a day to day practice. He found cure for a very deadly disease “Anthrax”  and “Rabies” on the basis of his theory. He used the weakened pathogens of the disease itself  and injected in the patients which formed the basis for most of the treatments in medical science in practice even today. He completely redefined the field of microbiology.


6.  Alexander Fleming

Sir Alexander Fleming was born in the year 1881 in Scotland . He is known for his contribution to the medical sciences which changed the face of human battle with the deadly bacterial infections. He isolated penicillin an anti-biotic agent which widely used even today. His discovery made it possible to evade syphilis and even tuberculosis.  He was awarded the noble prize for this discovery.  Penicillin is still the first line agent for most of the bacterial infections today.


5. Wilhelm Roentgen.

What never heard of him?? But i bet you have heard ” X rays”. Yes he is the person behind them . X rays are also called roentgen rays. Use of x rays were a breakthrough in the pathological sciences. They had the unique ability to penetrate lighter substances but get obstructed by denser masses. This property was used in medicine to detect bone fractures and other abnormality with the skeletal structure, X rays are also used in industries and in the security areas , He got his noble prize in physics for this.


4. Watson and Crick.

Watson (full name James d Watson ) and Crick ( full name Francis Crick) were a team of scientists that for the first time gave the structure of DNA (Di adenine nucleotide) . It is the core machinery behind every element in your body. It is now very well established that everything in the body is decided by the DNA sequence. It was on the basis of the double helical structure model given by them that the studies related to this important cell structure got a breakthrough. The same idea is used even today for the studies of DNA. It was an ultimate contribution to the field of biotechnology.


3. Sir Issac Newton.

As rightfully stated by his “sir” denotion; he is one of the most dominating person in the field of maths and physics to have ever live . Newton as we all know established the effect of gravity. He studied the effect of gravitational pull on the various heavenly bodies and  finally proved it that earth is not the center of the universe but is just another revolving body . His laws of motion are still forming the basis of planetary studies to find the orbital paths of planets and comets.  He studied the colors of light and stated that white light is a mixture of colors which are observed when light beam is split. He also established the speed of sound .


2. Albert Einstein.

There is probably no one around who has not heard of this name. He is considered as one of the greatest scientist in the world of physics to ever live .  He is best known for his theory of relativity which gave the relation between speed and time  . He stated that light has a constant speed no matter at what speed it is approached. He discovered the photoelectric effect ; proving the thermal nature of a light beam; which forms the basis of most of the diode systems and solar panels today. He stated the phenomenon of the bending of the light due to which astronomers were able to see on the other side of the sun on eclipses.  He received the noble prize in the year 1921 for his contribution to physics. His isolated brain is still under study to find the biological reasons for the genius of this man.


1. Nikola Tesla. 

The reason I have included him in my list and given him the top position is his contribution the mankind .  Tesla was the inventor of the alternating current (A.C) which was the basis for the electricity supply to the masses . No other scientist has made such an influential contribution as electricity. Just imagine the world without its current supply ; all those invention which used current in someway or the other- bet you can’t !!  So many inventors would have not even been able to start their work if not for electricity. Although Edison is known for producing electricity it was Tesla who made it possible its long distance transmission and use as a power source. He invented the induction motors Which forms the basis for mechanical engineers. He can be called a forgotten hero but now the world has understood the worth of his discoveries and he has gained his prestige back.


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