Top 10 Most Famous Musical Instruments

Sounds, light and action… These three words are used whenever a movie is directed. Similarly god also says these three words to us when he creates the movie of our life. His camera rolls our good and bad deeds and actions, light is spread by the sun during the day and moon during the night and then there is sound – sound in flowing air, sound in chirping of birds, sound in loin’s roar, or should I say sound is present everywhere. We humans have tried to re-create all these beautiful sounds of nature with different musical instruments. Continue reading to know the most famous musical instruments in the town!

10. Trumpet:


The trumpet is the highest registry in the brass family. They are among the oldest musical instruments. They are played by blowing air between lips producing a “buzzing” sound effect. They are played famously in many bands and find suitable frequency with other instruments as well. They suffer from poor design as well as cheap and sloppy manufacturing. There are many extended techniques that maybe applied to produce great and different music from a single piece. Definitely, a master- piece!

9. Cello:


It belongs to the string family with exactly 4 strings tuned in perfect fifths. Cello also refers to a small violin and was created with an intention to match up to the standards of an original violin with decrease in size and weight. It finds place in pop and rock music and is a hit famous in mid-American regions.  Cellos are either played by 12 players in an orchestra or solo to produce the enchanting music. These days cello is finding new substitutes in the technology era, electrical guitars which are even cheaper and easy to handle.

8. Flute:


The “bansuri” or flute is made out of a single hollow bamboo shaft and has around 6 to 7 finger holes on it. Mythological stories believe that Krishna attracted girls towards him with help of the music of this instrument. Bansuri construction is a complex art, being a natural material it is very difficult to find a single bamboo shaft with thin circular and uniform long internodes. This makes it really expensive and little hard for a common man to purchase. In the changing India, popularity of this traditional instrument has seen a significant decline and availability of cheaper substitutes have made things even more worst.

7. Saxophones:


The saxophone is a conical – bore that is a member of wood wind family. It was created to make one of the most powerful vocals in the wood wind section of instruments. Saxophones are most commonly associated with jazz and classical music. Strangely, though it is a brass instrument it is categorized differently as the vibrations produced by the player’s lip create woody effects. These days they are popularly used in military bands. Saxophones are heavy to hold and bigger in size, reports of injury have also been associated with this instrument decreasing its popularity significantly.

6. Harmonica:


Harmonica is a wind instrument used worldwide in nearly every musical genre. It is played by using the mouth to direct air into and out of one or more holes along the mouth piece. There are 8 types of orchestral melodies that can be played using a harmonica and this is one of the reasons of the beautiful music it creates. Harmonica was a famous instrument played by leading stars of Bollywood to impress and attract their lady love. Though, a little difficult to play as it requires a good breathing power harmonica is not overly popular with people.

5. Violin:


Violins have been around since 1500’s. Because of their versatility and beautiful sound, they are popular throughout the world. In India violin’s gained popularity after super star shah rukh khan used the instrument in his famous movie “Mohobateein” during early 2000. Violin creates a magical effect with strings and air to produce a music that is totally divine.  Violin has a fretless fingerboard, stringed and hitched into one single piece to create good music.

4. Clarinet:


It is a must in most of the Indian weddings, have you noticed those long black pipe like musical instruments? Ustad Bismilah Khan the famous “shehnai” musician of India took it up as a challenge to make the world notice its beauty and grace. Today in leading universities clarinet has found place of learning and exploration. Did you know that the notes on clarinet are same as that on the recorder and many have played recorder as child. The clarinet is popular due to its warm sound.

3. Guitar:


The secret behind popularity of Guitar lies in its rock star image builder. In a recent survey it was found that many IT professionals have opted to learn guitar as it sooths their nerves and gives relaxation. Form a different point guitar’s tune fit into any genres of music and can be played with many other instruments without over-powering them. Guitar has also seen lot of modernization with electric guitars pitching in the market. This also has made guitar more acceptable in the masses.

2. Piano:


Those white and black key combinations tickle the inner soul to run fingers over it. Piano has always been associated with class and style, that why it found place in many drawing rooms. Today a smaller version of piano’s called the keyboards are trending in the market. Kids love playing their favorite rhymes on it & parents find it a great gifting option. Easy to use, easy to play and with so many available free tutorials Piano is topping the charts.

1. Drums:


In a big fat Indian wedding they make every one dance to their beats. During a march past ceremony their composition becomes the pride of a solider. They come in different sizes shapes and designs. The humble holy drums! The popularity of drums has been increasing in the recent years; while many just consider it to be fun others believe it is a “cool thing” to be a drum player. Fact also being that playing drums is quite easy compared to many other instruments.

Concluding, everything around you has music inside it and is playing to its own tunes. Take some time out of your busy life and try learning to play at least one of these instruments, I am sure you will become a more satisfied human being and enjoy your life even more!

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