Top 10 Most Dangerous Earthquakes of all time-Wrath of Nature

The natural phenomenon happening due to shifting of tectonic plates generally leading to occurance of high tremor inside the earth causing a rupture on the surface of earth is called earthquake. The earthquakes are also frequent in areas of high mining and extraction of minerals. Here is the list of a few deadly earthquakes of all time on the earth.

10.) Kashmir Quake, POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) in 2005

A already dispute state of India and Pakistan was stunned and left to mourn over the deaths of their children on 8th October 2005 when a order of magnitude 7.3 quake hit the region and killed 79k people and left millions more homeless. This is known as one of the worst natural phenomenon caused in Kashmir, a place known to be the heaven on the earth.

9.) Turkmenistan’s Earthquake in 1948

Having recorded a magnitude of 7.3, the quake tore the capital city of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat in to pieces in 1948 damaging almost every structure in the city. The total causality was once said to be 110k which was revised to be 176k now.

8.) Hokkaido Quake, Japan in 1730

The time when Japan was trying to establish itself, the entire country was stunned by this quake recorded with a magnitude of 8.3 on scale causing 137k fatalities. The most important thing to note about is that Hokkaido is the second largest island in Japan.

7.) Antioch Quake, Turkey in 526

The ancient of the kind of earthquake took place in late may and ended up engulfing the lifes of almost 250k people in this city of turkey. It was said that the quake  was followed with a fire which ended up devastating each and every building and structure in the city. The quake had lifted the harbor almost a meter above the ground, in the Seleucia Pereia which left the port useless then on. There is no record of magnitude yet found about this one of the nature’s worst calamity.

6.) Damghan Earthquake (Areas now known as Iran) in 856

This is one of the oldest quake took place and it shook the now Iran and the then Damghan. Recorded a magnitude of 8.0 on scale it destroyed the capital city of Damghan and devastated almost every village in the range of 200 miles of epicenter, causing roughly 200k deaths. Although, the area is a quake prone area but the people were not prepared for such a sudden tremor which snatched everything from them leaving nothing behind but the ruins of its terror that it created and the cries of orphans and the dead bodies.

5.) Tangshan Quake, China in 1976

When nature takes revenge, it takes all and devastates almost everything and the same saying goes with the quake of Tangshan in china. People were in their beds with their family when the entire area was shaken for a matter of seconds and it cost the life of roughly 240k persons approximately. This quake occurred in fractions i.e., one in night time when all were asleep and the very next happened when all were busy aiding the people who were affected and the magnitude scale shown 7.8 and 7.1 and this is the reason why, it is considered to be the deadliest earthquake of all time in the 20th century.

4.) Indian Ocean, Oceanic Earthquake in 2004

The source of origin for Tsunamis and Tidal waves are the  underwater earthquakes and the same thing happend on the day just after the day supposed to be the birthday of Jesus Christ , 26th December 2004 when a tremor caused due to movement of tectonic plates in the Indian Ocean caused Tsunami and it created one of the world’s worst havoc shocking the entire nation and affected the states of India mainly Tamilnadu, Kerala and the near by states and reaching to Sri-lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. The magnitude recorded on the scale was of order 9.1-9.3 lasted for almost 8-10 minutes which is also the longest reigning quake in the history of earthquakes. It was reported to have killed about 230k persons.

3.) The Aleppo Quake, Syria in 1138

Having ripped off in to pieces Aleppo, this Syrian city felt the wrath of nature in the form of earthquake having a magnitude of 8.5 and lost everything to the hands of this demonic natural calamity. Although the city was leveled but it couldn’t bear the wrath and every building in the town collapsed within  a blink of eye and on an account as was reported that it cost 230k people in the area.

2.) Great Kan-to, Japan in 1923

Confirming 105k deaths, this unhappy tremor caused on 1st September recording a magnitude of 8.3 on scale. The tremor was although centered around the Kanto plain of the main island of  Honshu in japan devastating many regions including Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Kanagawa and Shikoku. The most worst about this incident was the it erupted just at the time when many of the kitchens in JAPAN were cooking lunch over fires and withing the fractions of time, the situation grew worse and widespread fire bore out with a limited access of equipment available to extinguish them. It was believed that the fire whirl which started killed roughly around 38k, packed into an open air market in downtown Tokyo.

1.) Shanghai, China in 1556

One of the oldest and the deadliest earthquakes that will always be a nightmare for china is of 1556 in Shanghai. Also known as Huey County Earthquake cause approximately 830k deaths. It was a fine morning of 23rd Jan, 1556, and all of a sudden a tremor caused and shook the entire of the area of about 520 mile in china, causing a loss of almost 60% of population in the counties. It was said that ” Mountains and rivers exchanged their places and rest were destroyed completely and left everyone stunned for many months. In the words od the people from there ” Land rose up high and high n abruptly sank down. Modern estimates predicts it was of 8.0 magnitude scale earthquake.

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