Top 10 Largest Cities in the World According to Land Mass

Being one of the largest cities in the world take account not just its population but as well as its land mass. If you are wondering what are the different cities to live in that can cater a large population, here are the top 10 largest cities in the world according to land mass.

Top 10 Largest Cities in the World According to Land Mass

Metropolitan New York City

This city is one of the most populous cities in America and one of the largest in terms of its land mass. The reported total area of Metropolitan New York City is 8,683 sqKm.


Being the capital city of Japan, it is therefore expected that Tokyo is the centre of attraction. The total area of Tokyo (Metropolis and Metro) is said to measure around 6,993 sqKm. Tokyo is even considered as the largest metropolitan in the world.


Chicago is considered to be the 3rd most populated cities in America comprising of 2.7 million people residing in this area. The city has a land area of 5,498 sqKm.


Being an Aplha City, Atlanta is another populous city located in the state of Georgia. However, despite being populous, it is reported that Atlanta’s cost of living is not as high as the other U.S. cities, which is 6% lower than the reported averaged rate. In terms of its land mass, this city covers the area of 5,083 sqKm.


This city comes with tons of titles, such as the largest city of Pennsylvania, one of the largest in the East Coast and above all, this city is considered to be the 5th populous in the U.S. In terms of its land mass, this city is also on the largest with a 4,661 sqKm measurement


Boston is considered as one of the oldest cities found in the U.S. and the capital of Massachusetts. One of the most impressive things about Boston is the quality of water they have. It is said that the country’s water supply is quite pure that it doesn’t need any filtration process. The water supply of the city is said to be coming from Wachusett Reservoir and Quabbin. The city’s land mass is at 4,497 sqKm.

Los Angeles

This city is popularly called as L.A. and is said to be the most populated in California that ranks 2nd if you based its population in the entire U.S. states. The city’s land mass is at 4,320 sqKm with a reported population of more than 11,789,000 people.


When you hear the word Dallas, the things that most people thought of automatically are their mouth watering barbecue, frozen margarita and Mexican cuisines. However, Dallas is also part of the largest cities in the word if it is based on its land mass. The Dallas area covers 3,644 sqKm which makes it quite big.


Houston is not just about its oil and natural gas resources, the city is also considered to be the major port city where over 90 different dialects/languages are spoken. Houston has a reported land mass of 3,355 sqKm with its staggering population of 3,823,000 residents.


Detroit is considered as a metropolitan area which is quite big too. Its land mass is said to be around 3,267 sqKm making it the principal city of Metro Detroit. The city comes with rich architectural history too, so if you want a large city with so much history, Detroit is the place to be.

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