Top 10 Fun Facts About Dolphins

Dolphins are very interesting forms of aquatic life loved by people. Keep reading to learn about the top ten amazing facts about this animal.

10. Killer whales are from dolphin family

Being a member of their family, killer whales are the largest dolphins.

9. Dolphins are Greek

The word dolphin is from the Greek word “Delphis” which has relation with “delphys” meaning womb.

8. Dolphins assist in bomb detection

Although this may sound a bit weird but dolphins are actually the Navy’s weapon for clearing the underwater mines. They are in fact trained by these people just like bomb-sniffing dogs. In 1971, a team of dolphins was dispatched by the US Navy with large hypodermic needles that were tied on their backs to protect its base in Vietnam.

7. Dolphins rarely sleep

Dolphins can stay awake for a very long duration. This can be for up to five days at a stretch. This doesn’t mean that they never sleep. Their body allows them to do so without even losing their mental acuity.

6. Dolphins’ eyes

The eyes of dolphins produce a slippery secretion that protects it from infection and reduces the level of friction between the sea water and the surface of its eyes.

5. Pink dolphins

This does not seem to be a true statement. But, believe it or not, there are pink dolphins although very hard to spot. These are referred to as Amazon River dolphins. Their skin has a pinkish shade. These are found on Amazon, Orinoco and Araguaia river systems. Officially, two species of these dolphins have been recognized so far.

4. Breathing

Dolphins do not breathe the same way as we humans do. They sleep at the water surface exposing their blowholes. Another interesting fact is that while sleeping, they close only half of their brain to help them breathe and stay alert.


3. Swimming skills

A dolphin can swim for a longer time than a fish. This is because they are highly adapted to the sea life. While swimming, it moves its tail up and down while a fish moves it from side to side.

2. Reproduction

While reproducing, a female dolphin assists the mother giving birth to a baby dolphin.  Midwives may also come for help if the birth becomes difficult. Other dolphins swim around the mother to protect her during birth.

1. Sense of smell

Dolphins do not have a sense organ to assist them with smelling. However, they have a sense of taste just like humans. They are able to distinguish different tastes like sweet, bitter, sour and salty.

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