Top 10 False Facts Most People Think Are True

Have you grown to believe that you will catch a cold at night by not wearing a hat? Here are the top 10 false facts that most people think are true:

10. George Washington had wooden teeth.

George Washington, our very first president loss his teeth when he was about 20 years old. His new false teeth were made from human teeth, gold, lead and animal teeth like those from a donkey and a horse. His teeth were strong because it had bolts that hold them together so it won’t be broken easily when he wants to eat his favorite gingerbread that was made by his wife.

9. Dogs age at seven years per one human year.

Our dogs mature faster than we do, even if they are just 5 years old, it is equivalent to a 25 year old human.  Dogs think maturely than man that’s why they can easily adopt and learn the tricks we teach them.

8. Cholesterol in eggs is bad for the heart.

Experts have studied that the cholesterol found in eggs does not affect the cholesterol in the body. However, too much intake of eggs will make you suffer from a serious disease. So better eat moderately.

7. You have to stretch before doing some exercise.

When we are about to have our daily exercise, we used to do some stretching first because we have grown to that idea. However, some researchers said that stretching before exercising slows down our energy and our body as well.

6. Napoleon was short.

In France their average height is 5 ft and 2 inches. Based on their French units, Napoleon has an only average height. Experts have discovered that when you convert the height of Napoleon to Imperial units, then he will have a height of 5 ft and 7 inches, which is not bad at all.

5. You will get arthritis from cracking your knuckles.

Most of us believed that we could get arthritis by merely cracking our knuckles, which has no proven scientific evidence. On the other hand, cracking our knuckles can lead us to experience injury in our ligaments and dislocation of our joints when it is done most of the time.

4. You lose most of your body heat through your head.

Going out at night will not cause to transfer your body heat up to your head. Our body releases heat on any parts of our body and not just through our head.

False Facts Most People Think Are True

3. Sugar makes kids go bonkers.

Some parents believed that sugar is the root cause why their children are hyperactive. Fact is that an excessive intake of sugar is the main reason why people get diabetes and obesity.

 2. Vikings wore horned helmets.

People use horned helmets a few years back for ceremonial purposes only. These horned helmets even faded out on the time of the Vikings.

1. Going out in the cold with a wet head will make you sick.

Our parents always told us to wear hats when we are about to go out at night because if you will not be wearing a hat, you will get yourself a cold. This will only happen if your body has a low resistance to germs and viruses. However, if you are healthy, then going out at night without a hat is not a problem after all.

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