Top 10 Facts about Muslim Religion which People don’t know

There are many religions all around the world. Each religion has its own beliefs, faiths and facts and all these things differ from religion to religion. Muslim as written as Moslem is a monotheistic religion of Abraham. The religion is entirely unique in every aspect it follows. So let have a look at top 10 facts of Muslim religion which people generally don’t know.

10. Muslim prayers

Islam is famous for prayers worldwide. It is necessary for all Muslims to pray five times in a day. Kaaba in Mecca, Arabia is a sacred place for Muslims. They face towards the Kaaba in all of their prayers. Prophet Adam built Kaaba and Prophet Abraham rebuilt it. Kaaba is a structure of stone and has a cubical shape. The pray of Muslim 5 times a day is piece of pillars of Islam only. According to Muslims, pilgrims of Kaaba believe in worship of one God. Muslims from all over the world come to Kaaba at least once in their lifetime. This shows the unity of Muslims all over the world.

9. Religion of Islam

There are two religions in Islam. One is ‘Islam’ and other is ‘Nation of Islam’. Beliefs of these two religions contradict from the point of view of existence of unseen God. Religions under Islam believe and worship in unseen God. According to them, God is unseen and never come on earth in human form. While Nation of Islam believes that God came to earth as Fard Muhammad. They also believe that Elizah Muhammad was his prophet. Quran simply contradict these believes. The Nations also follow some Islamic principles that are totally strange to Islam. But beyond this all, Islam believes in equality among all its races.

8. Attire of Muslim women

Muslim women used to cover their head with a Hijab as they believe in dress modestly while serving to God. They believe that by covering their heads, they look identical to God. They also believe that by covering their head, they protect themselves from advances from men. In the later Muslim society

7. Jihad

This is most common misconception in the mind of most of the people that meaning of Jihad is holy war. The real meaning of Jihad is to surrender his will in front of will of God. Some people think that Muslims use term jihad at the time of war and sacrifice their life. But they say this because they know that they will feel a lot of struggles in near future.  The other meanings of Jihad are struggle against anger, struggle against evilness, struggle against a dictator, struggle against Satan, struggle against one’s own ego or arrogance.

6. Sex in Islam

According to this religion sex has many things which have different meaning in Islamic religion. Islam supports when there is a healthy sex relation between the companions. This religion supports this because according to them, healthy sex is the key for deepening the relation between the couple. They say that on the very night of sex, there is not any space for hesitation between the companions. One should think that his companion is his garment and the other should think the same too. Islamic religion not just supports this healthy sexual relation but has also done a lot in respect to make this relation healthy. The religion is said to be homophobic which has strict rules for sexuality. When the thing comes to the case of sex between a wedded couple then the Islamic religion have some sex-supporting things and also sex- non-supporting things like they allow Contraception as the use of contraception can avoid abortions. Prophet himself follows is quite well and explains the importance of foreplay for sex in many hadith.  They say that in case the companion is not fully satisfied then the marriage can lead to divorce.

5. Marriage

According to Islam religion, the marriages can be arranged marriages. But this religion doesn’t allow marriages to be forced on people. According to these Muslim religion marriages cannot be completed until and unless both the bride and groom are ready for it. In this religion the women has the right to say no to the marriage. Apart from this polygamy- the right to marry more than one person at the same time is also permitted in this religion. In this religion the marriages are called ‘Nikaah’. Also they have a legal ceremony in which a Qazi coordinates with the nikaah and also the couple is required to sign the legal document. In nikaah the Qazi gets to ask both the bride and groom, if they are ready for the marriage and then the marriage proceeds. The couple agrees for the respective marriage then makes use of the word ‘Kabul’ when the Qazi asks them. Additionally divorce is also allowed, where women is granted with the money settlement before the marriage itself.

4. Non-violence

Killing and harming the people who are innocent, is strictly against the rules of Islam. Islam believes in justified things and killing people unnecessary is of course not justified. Islam teaches us to bring the spectrum of peace to the life.  This theory of Islam is not just for Muslims but is also for the people who are not Muslims. Terrorism is not a part of Islamic religion rather it is a part of people’s anger and aggression. People do things on the name of Islam but Islam is not in their support. The most common problem which is found in almost all the religions is fanaticism and extremism.

3. Believes

The religion does not support the theory of vicarious atonement. In spite they believe in a mentality which supports the law of personal responsibility. Islamic religion says that one do not have the right to blame anyone else for his reactions and doings as he is the one who is himself responsible for everything what he did.  Also they think that one day will definitely come when everyone here will have to get themselves into existence as they are answerable to God for each and every deed thy perform or for each word they utter. They believe in right things and also the worship of God Abraham who ties the two religions Islam and Christianity.

2. Faith

They have different faiths and they follow them differently. According to the religion they have six things of faith. The articles in which they believe is the oneness of god, Prophets of God including all, actual sculptures presented to Prophets, jesus, Muhammad and david, all angels, the judgment day, destiny.

1. Oneness of God

The term Muslim does not represent a religion rather it is a word of all the people who follow the way of living of Islam and also its religion. Allah is not just the God for Muslims in spite he is the God of everyone, no matter the person is Muslim or not. Allah is the one known as the God of creation. It isn’t that if people make use of different terms for addressing God then they have different Gods. Islam have five pillars which are there to practice and the practices are to be done finely in order to be a true Muslim. Shahadah  which declares the faith of having one God , Formal pray, Ramadan fast for a month, Poor-due in which you need to contribute a small amount of your salary to needy people, at least once a pilgrimage to mecca.


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