Top 10 Dangerous Ways How the World can End

The year 2012 started with much panic and curiosity about the predictions that the world is going to end by the end of this year. According to the theories of Nostradamus published in 16th century, the world is going to end on 21st December 2012, and so far its been said that most of his predictions have come true. Though there are numerous reasons for our world to end, it is unlikely to happen immediately. Most scientists predict that the world is not going to end. Though it might not end now, it is going to end eventually, due to various reasons. When things goes wrong there is always a scientific reason as to why it went wrong, but it is always a smarter way to take precaution before anything goes wrong. Similarly there might be many scientific reasons why the world might not end, but it is always safe to know what can cause it and how we can save the planet earth.

There is a saying “ Never take anything for granted”, and so that’s exactly is what man has done, he has taken every resource for granted and while he was busy building more and more, he spent very less time on the destruction he caused behind. Let’s have a look at some of those reasons, which eventually can cause the world an end.

10. Asteroids and Meteors:

Asteroids causing destruction

These objects strike our planet all the time, and most of the times it’s also predicted by NASA as well. When the collision of the Shoemaker- Levy9 comet to the Jupiter occurred, NASA made a clear check of all such possible strikes to our earth and other things happening in the space with such activities. Scientists predict that there are no any space rocks as big as in size of that of which ended the dinosaur era. Though there are a lot of objects which are still undiscovered. We know of those, which are discovered. But some of those are yet to be discovered. The one, which we already know, is the asteroid called Apophis, which is predicted to be passing within the orbits of the earth satellites in 2029 and one day could strike the planet causing death of millions of people. Sometimes it can be too late to take any kind of precaution to stop the nearing object which can strike and cause the destruction of our planet.

9. Machines- end of human life

machines overtaking man

We are all fascinated with the movies recently picturing about the use of robots, science and technology, such as Robot, Terminator, iRobot and so on. As the machines are smarter, faster and more reliable, people prefer more machines in every sector. But it is a simple fact that these machines work with a chip programmed in it. Software development is so high in today’s world that meeting ends has become a difficult task, and work done by a computer is always a wise choice. But one person greediness to rule and mistake of a wrong feed into a chip with instructions for destructive techniques can cause distinct in human life, while the computer gets what it wants without any care. Use of too much machines can also be one of the reason for destruction.

8. Gamma Ray Bursts:

Gamma Rays Bursts

When stars of large size die, their cores collapse into a black hole. Through this process there will be a sudden form of destruction and powerful gamma rays and other charged particles are emitted. Though this is an interesting fact to observe and study, when earth passes on the path of these gamma rays bursts, it’s dangerous and can cause destruction. While charged particles can kill directly, Gamma rays affect us causing years of acid rain. Due to frequency of using rockets and other scientific experiments, there is a certain amount of damage to our ozone layer, which acts as a protective layer from all the powerful rays. While science keeps developing, it is also causing damage to us, and certainly these powerful rays causing destruction to our planet earth will directly affect people.

7. Nuclear war

We all know what a war is and what kind of damage it can cause after seeing the world wars. The use of nuclear weapons have settled down since the cold war, but the increasing number of terrorist and their attacks with bombs is always a threat and worrisome. The fight within the countries and gaining more power eventually can result differences in each other and result in war, which are likely to use more nuclear weapons. If this happens, these powerful nuclear weapons can cause serious destruction to our earth. To look back, surviving so many attacks itself is a lucky thing.

6. Threatening disastrous diseases:

While there is a rapid growth of population, there is also a serious spread of harmful diseases. Though our scientists work around the clock to find cure to some of the deadly diseases, there is a large amount of new diseases and causing serious threat. The deadly disease AIDS itself is an example, which is increasing in number on a huge rate. Due to high rate of pollution all over the earth, there is depletion of oxygen in air causing more active harmful germs. Due to such reasons there are chances for global epidemics which can cause death of many people causing destruction.

5. Volcanic eruptions:

volcanic eruption

Though our planet is seeing many volcanoes years long and has survived them all, there is always a threat of a huge burst, which can cause more damage. It is true that these volcanoes benefit us, when they bring out the minerals and other useful particles from the core of the earth to the surface, we tend to forget the damages it causes every time there is an eruption. Sulfuric volcanic gases produce acid rains and while chlorine content can damage our dear ozone layer. While the hot Lava can kill many habitats in and around its eruption, it can cause serious damage.

4. Black holes:

A black hole in space is a region of gravity which prevents anything through it, including light. When objects move towards our planet the scientists can see it, but in presence of a black hole it is difficult to know anything moving as the black hole absorbs everything. When a black hole passes through solar system itself can cause serious damage to earth by causing sudden changes in climate and temperature.

3. Solar Flares:

When there are mass ejection causing magnetic outbursts on sun making high speed collision of particles to earth, Earth atmosphere and magnetic field cause flares. A sun like star caused due to flares can brighten up, a super flare can burn up the planet earth and damage the ozone layer. During such a stage the sun becomes dimmer causing us an ice age. This process can cause serious destruction to our planet earth.

2. Alien invasion:

Alien invasion to earth

Well, it would have been so wonderful, if every one of us were as lucky as Hrithik Roshan of “Koi Mil Gaya” to be helped by an alien. But we all know it happens in movies and not in real life. Scientists are trying to find if there exists any kind of planets and there might be other forms of life. There is always a chance of new forms of life invading our planet from other planet, though not now, it’s a possibility in future.

1. Vacuum Decay

Vacuum decay

There are many theories stating that the space itself can shift to another quantum state vaporizing everything present in it. Though these theories seem unlikely, but we never know when what can happen.

There are many as such predictions about how the world can end, it’s a simple fact to understand that usage of anything more than its limit can result in disaster. Hence always take precautions. Though you can rest in peace as the world might not end now but it will at some point of time, as everything has an end. Happy new year 2013 and live a less pollution free life.


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