Top 10 Cyclone Storms in North Atlantic Ocean

Cyclone storms can be classified into different categories; there are tropical, subtropical, and polar cyclone storms. Whatever type of cyclone storm you are in, one thing is for sure, you will mostly be devastated and horrified by the havoc it brings. Here are the top 10 cyclone Storms in the history of North Atlantic Ocean.


Hurricane Wilma was considered as the most intense and strongest tropical cyclone that hit the Atlantic basin. This hurricane was also known to be one of the most destructive ever recorded in 2005. This storm was first formed in the Caribbean Sea and became stronger after 2 days. Its wind was said to be up to 185 mph which really caused havoc and a lot of fatalities.

Top 10 Cyclone Storms in North Atlantic Ocean


Another powerful and disturbing hurricane is the hurricane Gilbert that happened in the Atlantic area in the year 1988. Before hurricane Wilma took over, Gilbert was said to be the strongest. Its wind travels at 185 mph and had caused great amount of damaged reaching to $7.1 billion.

“Labor Day”

Hitting the US and the Atlantic Basin, hurricane “Labor Day” was also one of the most unforgettable tropical storms that happened in the planet. It happened way back in 1935 with its wind at 185 mph and about $6 million total cost of damaged. It affected the areas of Florida, Georgia, Virginia and both the South and North Carolina.


Being the 4th in the record of the most intense tropical cyclone storms to hit the Atlantic Basin with its wind at 180 mph. The hurricane Rita was a category 5 with its total damages amounting to $12 billion.


Unfortunately, the Caribbean was also struck by another tropical storm which was also very powerful, the hurricane Allen. This storm occurred back in 1980 and was the first storm to be named reaching category 5 status. The hurricane Allen reached up to 190 mph and a damaged amounting to $1.24 billion.


Who could forget the Hurricane Katrina? This hurricane was said to be the deadliest that happened in 2005. Aside from being the deadliest, this was also the costliest in the history of the U.S. The hurricane Katrina affected Alabama, North America, Louisiana and Mississippi causing a total damaged of $108 billion and its wind at 175 mph.


Happened in the year 1969, the hurricane Camille at that time was considered as the 3rd strongest hurricane that ever hit the Atlantic Basin which was reported to be category 5. Its wind was at 190 mph affecting the areas of South and East Central U.S. and Louisiana.


Another hurricane that occurred in the year 1998 with its crazy wind of 180 mph, the hurricane Mitch was then considered as another powerful storm of the year that caused about $6.2 billion damages. This is the only hurricane that was capable of dropping enormous amounts of rainfall which caused a lot of deaths due to flooding.


Following the footsteps of hurricane Wilma, hurricane Dean was the next big tropical cyclone storm that happened in the Atlantic area in the year 2007. It comes with intense wind up to 175 mph. This storm greatly affected a lot of families too.


This was called as a Cape Verde type hurricane that was considered as category 5 storm with its wind reaching full speed of 165 mph causing $18 billion damages. This storm killed more than 64 people located in the Caribbean, a very sad incident but might happen again due to climate change.

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