Top 10 Cities with Maximum Snow Fall

For some of us who have never seen the snow fall, Santa Claus coming on his sleigh with his gifts in a snow filled storm in our fairy stories was one spectacular and unforgettable view. Though the snow filled places are as good to feel it’s as dangerous as well.  Many a times lot of people died due to the heavy storms of snow, rains and wind in many snow fall cities. Snow are flakes of crystalline water ice which falls down from the clouds in certain place where the temperatures as low as the freezing point or sometimes below than that. Places nearby to lakes causes snowfall in winters, due to the evaporation of water from lakes called as Lake- effect snowfall. There are different kind of snow fall such as ‘Snow Storm’ which is said when there is a heavy snowfall, ‘Blizzard’ when there is snow and wind together causing problem for visibility, ‘Snow Shower’, for a medium snowfall, and ‘Flurry’ can be for a light and brief snow fall. Snow remains on the ground until it melts or sublimates.

Measuring the snow is as difficult due to the melting, compacting, blowing and drifting. Still on an average scale it is measured using a Snow Gauge or with a standard Rain Gauge. Sometimes a Disdrometer is used to measure individual snowflakes.

Fresh Snow can cause snow blindness, reflecting 90% of ultraviolet radiation. This condition is high in Polar Regions and at high altitudes.

Though Snow fall is one of the most fun filled and people enjoy it with many sport activities.  Some of the sports in Snow played are Skiing, Ice Skating, Sledding, Snow Boarding, bobsleigh, Ice Hockey and many such games which can be as fun as it can be competitive. Some of the cities with maximum snow fall are:

10. Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo, Japan

Though the city is well-known for its snow and Olympic games, the city is also famous for its Sapporo Brewery and white chocolate biscuits called as Shiroi Koibito. The city was chosen for Olympic games but later it was withdrawn due to the war.  The place is also a host of snow ice sculptures every year in its snow festival. During the world war II the city was mostly destroyed when a bomb was dropped at the lunchtime. But they reconstructed the city. Beer and snow games helped a lot in the city economical development.

9. Syracuse, New York


Syracuse is known for highest snowfall city in New York.  Among all the other cities, Syracuse continually has won Golden Snowball Award. So far its record is about 488cm of snow and the snowfall is of lake effect from the nearby Lake Ontario.

8. Quebec, Canada


Quebec city is one of the oldest city in North America. The remaining of the fortified city walls was declared as the world heritage city by the UNESCO in the year 1985. On an average the city has around 316 cm of snowfall per annum. The snowfall lasts from December till April. The slope Mount Saint Anne is known for its winter sports in snowfall months as well as for its snow park. In a recent news the super storm wind Sandy have been having more deaths and injuries to people in parts of Quebec.  The city snowfall is well-known for its carnival show and they are headed towards its 59thQuebec Winter Carnival 2013”.

7. Valdez, Alaska


Valdez in Alaska is one of the most adventure place with a snowfall of around 300 inches annually.  The city is known for its winter sports. The city is surrounded by the Chugach Mountains which is heavily glaciated. It is obvious with this kind of climate, the city is famous for skiing other kind of sports in Thompson Pass.

6. Moscow, Russia


Moscow is the most populous city in the Europe and is said to be a home for many billionaires. This year 2012 November Moscow has seen the heaviest snowfall almost in 50 years. There are problems facing in traffics as well as delays of fights too. The city has called in a lot many bull dozers to help clear the roads. However Moscow is a city with hot climate as well, which helped in melting most of the snow, making the roads with water flow.

5. Cleveland, Ohio


The city lies across the famous Lake Erie.  The city is well-known for its famous museum called the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The snow fall of this city is similar to that of the Syracuse city with its lake effect. On an average the city has around 254cm of snowfall and more in the heights on the east, in the regions where the Snowbelt begins.

4. Denver, Colorado


The city is well-known and famous in most of the novels and books which authors commonly use, was also known as Mining Town initially when it was discovered. The snowfall in the city usually starts from the month of October and lasts till April. On an average the snowfall here is about 157 cm. According to the news this year, not only the snowfall was good to play around but it also helped in putting off the wildfire burning west of Estes Park since October 9th.

3. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Due to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, the Icelandic coastal weather in winter has a moderated climate and the temperature usually does not drop below -15 degree Celsius. It is believed in this city that snow sports have a therapeutic effect on Seasonal Affective Disorder( SAD), though nothing is proved scientifically. The Snowfall usually lasts from November to March.

2. San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche is a city situated on the foothills of the Andes. The city is a tourism place with its winter sports like Ski, tours on motor bike, horseback rides, camping in thick forests with natural rivers and lakes around is an ideal settings for a family. Besides being a tourism place, the city is also home for scientific and technological activities.  Bariloche has a cool Mediterranean climate. The snowfall in the city lasts from May to September. The snowfall has a mixed precipitation of snow, rain and sleet. The occasional snowstorms have highs between 0 and 12 degree Celsius and lows between -12 and 4 degree Celsius.

1. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the largest and capital city of Finland. The city has a humid continental climate. Due to the effect of both Baltic Sea and Gulf Stream, the temperature is usually higher.  The temperature in this city falls as low as -20 degree Celsius for weeks in winter seasons and the average temperature between December and February is around -4 degree Celsius. Usually in the end of the month January the climate is coldest. The sea freezes over in the mid of the winter. The lowest temperature ever recorded in this city is about -34.3 degree Celsius in the year 1987.

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