Top 10 Best Selling Cars of all time

Car is the best discovery of science for mankind which has totally changed the life of the human. The productions of car started in 1902 commercially by Ransonm Old. After that a boom came in the automobile industry specially in the section of light vehicle which is specially ment for personal usage. After that many industries came into the market to spread their business and to rule the people life but there are so less which is really accepted by people some car of which as really liked by people they are not very big in number but they are enough for make people happy .

Have a look on the top10 selling cars of all time from around the globe.
10.Impala By Chevrolet (USA)

Est.1958-Present There are 1,40,00000 units were came on the road till dated

The Impala came into its shape in year 1958, that time this car was seen by people as a mark of luxury and the price were that time was accepted by the pocket of middle-class car buyer. In the start the car was having two-door on its body but letter with change in time Impala also changed itself and came with four-door version sedan. The Impala was very much liked by people in year 1964 the likeness was that much which made a record for selling of car in 1 year. More than 10 Lakh unit in that particular year were sold.
9.Passat by Volkswagen (Germany)

The Passat was born in 1973-and still its coming out from VW workshops  14.1 million units are on road till dated

The car due to which we are still watching Volkswagen on the road. If it was not there than Volkswagen would be no more seen on the road.

Passat a compact family sedan. The concept of water cooled engine was came by with this car which was first in its class. A bit of idea behind this car is from Audi 80/Fox . Passat can be seen on road with various name.
8. Accord By Honda (Japan)

Honda has given the shape to accord in year 1976 with the change of time Accord has also changed itself. Accord is still coming on the road strip. Honda has sold more than 1,58,00000 Accord units till dated. Accord is present in almost every part of the world. The Accord was assembled in US. Accord has dominated the US car market between 1982 to 1997. Accord is very much popular in every country where it is present because of its luxury and its Brand.
7.  Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze hatchback version which by GM(General Motors) this is the first time in life of General Motors which make the compny highest car seller a total unit of 188,863. But , yet this car is at the position from where it need to make a fast race to beat others.


6.  Honda Civic (Japan)

Civic a very popular car which is recently turned in hybrid car also was launched in 1972 and still rule over heart of many people around the glob. More than 1,77,00000 CIVIC has come out from Honda Stores till dated. The car was really loved by people because it was an economy car with Its luxury and low price. Honda has serve CIVIC for more that 35 years. From beginning CIVIC is offered a good class comfort to the people. Ford F-series In US beat the CIVIC in 2008 by providing a fuel efficient car to the people.


5.  Nissan Versa/Sunny

A total 187,876 unit have been sold and still coming on road.

The Nissan Versa which is recently launched in India also with a new name Sunny ‘its a Caaaaarrr’ the company is selling it in different part of the world but they are having the same model in every country. But still the sells of the car are good at the graph.


4.  Volkswagen Beetle (Germany)

Beetle was molded in shape in year 1938 and came to the road till 1979. In the launching year of Beetle a record sells were noticed. More than 2300000 unit were sold. It is liked by people because of its mileage and a good comfort. Beetle was very power full this make beetle very popular in Europe. Beetle also beat other air-cooled car in its category. Beetle goes to US in 1960 and put up on some place with its records.


3.Volkswagen Golf (Germany)

Volkswagen came up with GOLF in year 1974 and still taking share in the Car market. More than 2,50,00000 units are running worldwide. Volkswagen come with many cars between year but only GOLF was successful in replacing Beetle’s market. With time GOLF has seen so many changed in its model but finally its four – door model came on road and it was launched in US market with name RABBIT. Volkswagen thanks to its engineers for making such a good model.


2.  Ford F-Series (USA)

F-Series was launched by Ford in 1948 it was an car type truck having space in back this is only commercial vehicle in our list. Came in 1948 and still is assembly line for production. A total of 3,00,00000 unit are on road till dated. The most popular model from F-series is F-150. From last 23 years F-series has reserved the title of best selling car in US market. The credit of half profit for so many year to ford goes to Ford F-series.
1.  Toyota Corolla (Japan)

Here we come to No. 1. Corolla By Toyota which finally came to in its shape in year 1966 and still modified variant are coming. A total of 3,20,00000 units have been sold till dated and yet more to be count. In 16 different manufacturing plant in different countries of toyota corolla are being produced. It is said that a new corolla come in its shape in every 40 sec. that is an achievement for Toyota. Till dated 10 major change have been made in this sedan.


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