Top 10 Men who Changed the World with their Inventions

Here is the list of top 10 inventors who changed the world with their invention. These inventors made up possible to live in a bright light with bulb, to cover a longer distance with the invention of automobile, works faster with computer, to communicate with others with the help of phone and many more. The list of inventors is upgrading with new inventions there are many inventors who successfully changed the world with their inventions but here i list out some of the top and earlier inventors who motivate other inventors to come up with new ideas.

10. Jerome Hal Lemelson

Born in – 1923

Died in – 1997

Popular Inventions – 605 patents

His invention are countless. He was one of the prolific inventor in the history. He invented industrial robots, video cassette recorder and many more. May phone was the invention of graham bell but the cordless telephones and fax machines were first invented by Jerome Hal Lemelson. The magnetic-tape driver that is used in ”Sony’s walkman tape recorder” was also one of the invention of Jerome Hal Lemelson. His patents also working in the feild of medical science to detect and to treat the cancer.

9. William Shockley

Born in – 13 Feb,1910

Died in – 12 August,1989

Popular Inventions – Transistors

An american based physicist who is a co-inventor of first amplifying semiconductor, the transistor. After that he invented first junction transistor a three layered sandwich style. In 1939 he designed the first nuclear reactor. In 1956 he received Nobel Prize for his great achievements in physics.

8. Albert Einstein

Born in – 14 March,1879 German

Died in – 18 April 1955

Popular Inventions – theory of relativity, mass-energy equivalence.

This name does not need any introduction. He is played an important role in the history of invention. His brain has been a subject of research and speculation for the scientists. He is a father of modern physics. He received an Nobel Prize for his formula mass-energy equivalence in 1921. He also discover the theory of relativity.

7. Thomas Edison

Born in – Feb 11,1847 Milan, Ohio

Died in – 1931

Popular Inventions – Tin Foil Phonograph, Light bulb, Film and Audio Devices.

He is the most popular inventor who changed the world with his great invention. His invention of light bulb brings revolution in the history of invention. Today, we simply switch on the light and the whole darkness turns to brightness. It is the most important amenities in our daily life. This becomes possible only by the gift of light bulb given by Thomas Edison to us. His first invention was tin foil phonograph but the most popular is Light Bulb.

6. Nikola Tesla

Born in – 10 July, 1856

Died in – 7 January, 1943

Popular Inventions – AC technology

May the electric bulb was the invention of Edison but the Nikola Tesla make it possible to cover long distances – a nationwide electric power grid. He invented the first Alternate current technology AC. Now electricity is available in every corner of the world just because AC technology. We can easily connect everything from bulb to computer with this electric grid.

5. Johannes Gutenberg

Born in – 1847

Died in – 1468

Popular Inventions – Printing Press

Gutenberg is an inventor of printing press. He invented press in the early 1436. his invention of printing press brought a revolution in the publishing of books. It also flourish the arts and science development through the transmission of texts. His printing press was movable metallic press machine which was earlier made up of wood. He used oil-based ink in the printing press and it remained in fashion until 20th century.

4. Alexander Graham Bell

Born in – 3 March,1847

Died in – 2 August,1922

Popular Inventions – Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell is a well known inventor. He invented a telephone in 1876 when he was just a 23 year old. He established his own telephone company in 1876. He make us possible to communicate with each other. His invention make us feel closer to each other. Today, may there are many mobile phones are available in the market but this concept was first lunched by the Graham Bell. Here is a very interesting fact about the Alexander Graham Bell who made phone but his mother and a wife was totally deaf. He got inspiration to invent phone from his mother and his wife. His father and a brother was also helped him in his inventions.

3. Charles Babbage – father of computer

Born in – 26 December,1791

Died in – 18 October,1871

Popular Inventions – Computer

We all know CPU is called as the brain of computer but the actual brain who invented the computer is Charles Babbage. It is one of the greatest invention in the world which give birth to other inventions. He invented the first mechanical computer and part of which is placed in Science Museum of London. Apart from the computer he is well know for mathematics.

2. Nicolas Joseph Cugnot

Born in – 26 Feb,1725

Died in – 2 October,1804

Popular Inventions – Automobile

Invention of automobile was not created by any single inventor also it didn’t involve a single tool. History began with the invention of wheel. Different parts of the automobiles are invented by different inventors. But the first three wheeled steam vehicle with an average of 2.3 mph was invented by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot in 1771 for the minister of french.

1. Thomas Newcomen

Born in – 24 Feb,1664

Died in – 5 August,1729

Popular Inventions – Steam Engine

Steam Engine brought a great revolution in the field of science and technologies. Thomas Newcomen invented first atmospheric engine. It was used to pump out the water from mines. Newcomen’s engine was revised by James watt’s engine. There were many reasons to invent this steam engine – flooding and to decrease the depth of mines to extract the mineral.


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