Top 10 Best Air Conditioner Brands India

As soon as the scorching summers arrive people run for cooling systems like air conditioners, coolers and fans. As the summers are getting hotter and hotter your fans are not going to cool you down, throw that primitive air system into the dustbin and look out for installing air conditioners into your home and your office rooms. Its just not about getting cool air but also about filtering, humidity etc.

So here we have the list of 10 best air conditioner brand to make you feel cool..

10. Videocon

This is a multinational corporation which is located in Gurgaon at NCR Delhi. In India itself Videocon has the total of around 17 sites which manufacture its products and provide services to the people. The brand is said to be the third largest product producing company of the world. The plants of the company are located in Mexico, Poland, China and Italy.

9. Haier Air Conditioner

Haier is a Chinese manufactured brand that offers you affordability, efficiency, reliability, and manufacturer’s warranty to save your buy. Most of the Haier air conditioner models are energy star rated, and Haier models are easily available in the market. They offer the widest range of air conditioners like wall mounted computers, split air conditioners, and portable air conditioners. Haier has all type of models that will meet your needs and they are very moderately priced as compared to the other brands. They offer reliability, durability and strength at very affordable price. The different air conditioner models offered are Window air conditioner, wall mounted air conditioner, central air conditioner and portable air conditioner.

8. LG Air Conditioner

If you want a air conditioner for your home LG air conditioners are what you need. They are not only stylish but also economically friendly.  LG air conditioner outshines the other air conditioner as they have more features in their different models. The air conditioners come in models like 9000BTU, 12000BTU, 18000BTU, and 24000BTU. Their air conditioners provide cool and clean air as they come with self a cleansing coil that removes dust. LG air conditioners provide specific temperature control and better Cooling, fan setting and heating can be changed to meet the desired cooling needs. They provide good air conditioners guaranteed to work for 10 years.

7. Voltas

Voltas is known to be among the leading air conditioning companies in India. They are also the leading producers of refrigeration appliances and known for their engineering services. It was set up in 1954 and the main area of work is in the manufacturing of cooling and air conditioning appliances. They are the largest suppliers of engineering services as well as products to the textile machinery sector in India. They are also known to manufacture forklift trucks. It gives solution in effluent and sewage treatment, water pollution control and turnkey pumping projects.

6. Panasonic

The company leading worldwide for its manufacturing and development of electronic products is Panasonic which encompasses   a wider range of products in it. The company has its shares on the top of the list Nagoya, New York and also Osaka.  The net sale of the company which it records every year is  7.42 trillion. The company is from Osaka which is located in Japan.

5. Blue Star

It is among the biggest central air conditioning company in India. The annual turnover accounts to be around Rs 2700 crores. Blue star has a network of 29 offices, 1600 dealers, more than 2800 employees and seven modern manufacturing facilities. The Blue Star air conditioning systems are employed in Residential, commercial as well as in industrial use. They are among the top leaders in the range of manufacturing commercial refrigeration appliances like water coolers and cold storage. Blue Star not only offers refrigeration and air conditioning systems but electrical contracting, plumbing and fire fighting services as well. They have formed alliance with the word;s known companies like Hitachi, Japan; RheemMfg Co, USA; Thales e-Security Ltd., UK; Eaton – Williams, UK; Jeol, Japan and many more world leaders for offering better services and products to their customers.

4. Carrier Air Conditioners

Carrier Air Conditioner was founded by Dr Willis Carrier in 1995. He was known as the inventor of modern air conditioning. It is a part of United Technologies Corporation, USA. They are known to be the largest suppliers of air conditioning systems, heating and commercial refrigerator systems. They operate in more than 170 countries and have a work force of 41,000 people worldwide. They generated revenue of 14.9 billion US dollars in 2008.  They are known for their reliability, commitment, superior technology, cutting- edge manufacturing and innovation.

3. Hitachi

A product which offers high quality power generation and equipments for transmission are produced by the company in order to provide solution to the business people. Hitachi is a eco-friendly company which accommodates things like recycling, power generation etc. The total experience of the company is more than that of 100 years. The products produced are highly specialised as they are featured with the help of best infrastructure consisting of Gas Turbines, thermal power system, Renewable energy, Cogeneration cycle, power plants and many more.

2. O’ General

O’General is the air conditioning brand which is known to be popular among the people who known about this brand. They are manufacturers of premium range air conditioners popular both in India and Middle East countries as well. They even work in countries where the temperature rises above 45 degrees Celsius most of the time. It has a strong body and has a long life which does not let its performance degrade even in very high temperature. Known to be manufactured in japan it is imported currently from Thailand only. Currently it is producing two types of split air conditioners. One is High Wall split air conditioner which is the usual type of air conditioner that can be mounted on the side walls. The other one is the ceiling Wall split air conditioner. This air conditioner is a special type of air conditioner that can be mounted on the ceiling. As it is not very popular among the people many manufactures do not take the risk to manufacture such kind of air conditioner design. They are usually required by people who do not have space on side walls.

1. Daikin

Daikin is known to be the innovator, global leader and provider of advanced air conditioners for commercial, residential as well as industrial use. They have been working for 80 years to expand their technologies and to create products that are environment friendly.  It is known to be the only company that manufactures both air conditioning systems as well as refrigerators. They have given a new definition to the experience of comfort as they have created systems that are most technologically and aesthetically updated. The products delivered by Diakin are known for their maximum performance and for delivering absolute comfort. The air conditioning products are best known for the features like Flexible design, Energy-saving, Individual control, Space-saving, Easy system set up, Save time on installation, One supplier.


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