Top 10 Ways To Make Your Child Have Better Study Habits

One of the most difficult values to instil in children is good study habits. The normal scenario is you give them something to work on and in the span of 5 minutes, they start to do something else or they rush to finish their work just so they can play. In the long run, this will hurt their grades even until college. This is why it is important for parents to know these top 10 ways to make your child have better study habits.

10. Have a designated study area at home.

Distractions are everywhere. Kids have a hard time trying to blocking out distractions. Invest in a good study table with nice lighting without any TV’s or toys around.

9. Monitor the child.

This is of high importance most especially if you are in the beginning phase of inculcating good study habits for your child. Be close to her and make sure that she is really doing her work. Eventually, you will be able to leave her and be independent in her work.

8. Schedule a time for studying.

Don’t just let your child study anytime he wants. Having a scheduled designated time for studying is of high importance. This way, in the future, your child will have his own consciousness of studying at a certain time and it becomes a habit.

7. Make sure to have reasonable breaks.

Studying can be very stressful for children. Even if you think their lessons are easy, these topics are still new to them so make sure to give those breaks in order for them not to break down.

6. Be responsible on checking on their homework every day.

Children don’t have that sense of urgency when it comes to their homework. Most of the time, they are just too excited to go home and rest or play. So make sure you check their notebooks for anything they need to do and let them do it before they can play.

5. Give them motivation.

Rewards are a great way to make your child study. Tell them that if they get high grades, they would get rewarded for it with something that they really want. But don’t forget to make them understand why it is important to study.

4. Be available to your children.

They will have a lot of questions regarding some new topics and it is important that you are there to guide them. So don’t leave the house while they are doing their homework.

Better Study Habits

3. Keep in touch with teachers.

If you are seeing some problems that you can’t handle such as very short attention span or focus, then it is advisable to talk to their teachers. They might be different in school and teachers will have great advice for you regarding dealing with these issues.

2. Don’t forget to praise them.

Children like to be praised whenever they do a good job. Give them a pat on the back every time they finish homework early. This is also one easy way of showing you love your kid!

1. Practice what you preach.

Remember that children learn by example. So if you want them to be productive, show them that you are productive as well. Be consistent and proactive.


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