Top 10 Things That Teachers Don’t Like Listening To

Good parenting includes several difficulties. Training a kid to appreciate their teachers is a hard way. Similarly, showing the teacher that you also respect his stand is also a thing to struggle to attain. The manner in which we communicate the problems we encounter with our children relating to their teachers definitely affects your relation with both the teacher and the kid. Here are some of the things you should never say to your child’s teacher.

10. My Kid Complains Of You Being Boring

Many times kids will never find their teachers interesting especially when they subject them to punishments. A kid will always tell you as a parent that their teacher is boring every evening. As a parent, you have a great task of solving this situation. By telling the teacher that the kid got bored in his class, you demoralize him and affect his manner of teaching.

9. My Kid Says That You Don’t Allow Him Enough Time For Tests

By telling the teacher that your kids never completes his tests due to limited time given to him, you are simply telling the teacher that he doesn’t know how to set a time for specific tasks. It really deprives the teacher lot of energy to carry on.

8. My Kid Will Never Lie

A child behaves differently at home and at school. When the teacher says that your kid was caught in incidences of cheating, believe and work out how to get the truth rather than bombarding him.

7. Prepare Some Work For My Child As We Are going For Some Week Vacation

This may sound responsible but it insults the teacher as he will see that you intend to substitute class work with a few papers. Similarly, a one week work cannot be compiled in papers for one child and expect any great results.

6. You Give A Lot Of Homework

When a child sleeps late doing homework for the same teacher, you may get concerned but the manner in which you approach the problem matters. You may end up having him give up on your kid.

5. My Kid Has A Right To Choose His Friends

When a kid appears to bully another and the teacher gets harsh on him, you will definitely think the teacher is doing more than his role. You may end up telling him that your kid should be left out to choose his own friends. Learn how to educate your kid on the relationships with schoolmates.

4. You Failed The Class Last Year

Telling a teacher that you have realized that he failed a whole class previously impacts on the teacher that you have no confidence in him. This demoralizes him.

 Don’t Like Listening To

3. My Kid Passes Other Subjects But Yours

This is a rude way to finding help for your kid. Sitting with your teacher and analyzing the trend followed by the kid in that subject is a sure way to assist the child.

2. I Am Insisting That You Sign For My Kid’s Graduation

Once a kid is ready to take the next level, the teacher is the only person who can be consulted easily. Forcing him to get your child to the next class tells the teacher that he had been doing nothing and you know what is right for him.

1. My Kid Has Lots Of Activities At Home, He Can’t Finish The Homework

Homework is set to help the child learn how to plan their time. A kid will definitely have lots of activities to do such as play or watch cartoons. Teach him to have some time for the reading.


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