Top 10 Reputable Universities in the US

When it comes to education, there are really some Universities that are high standards and are capable of producing impeccable graduate students. For parents, the tuition fee doesn’t matter as long as their children receive the best education they deserve. Here are the top 10 reputable Universities in the US you’re sure your kids will learn a lot!

Top 10 Reputable Universities in the US

Harvard University

Harvard University was founded way back in the year 1636 by John Harvard. This is considered as an Ivy League University located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard is known for being prestigious and is said to be the home of some young talented and impeccably intelligent people in the society right now.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This Institute is quite known for its ability to educate greatly their students when it comes to physical science and engineering. This institute was founded by William Barton Rogers.

Stanford University

This university was founded by Leland and Jane Stanford. With its famous motto “The wind of freedom Blows, Die Luft der Freiheit weht” Stanford became the so called dream college of most parents and as well as of students.

University of California, Berkeley

This University is considered as a public research community that is ranked 5th amongst the prestigious Universities in the world. Being part of this University will surely give you honour and privilege. What more can you ask for?

Princeton University

Just like Harvard, Princeton is considered as an Ivy League Private University. This University is well known for its humanities and social sciences teachings. In addition, this community fully support sports which are healthy for students.

University of California, Los Angeles

Otherwise known as UCLA, this University has a ranking of 12th spot in terms of Academic performance around the world. It is said that this University is also considered as the most selected by students especially freshmen. The community’s motto is “let there be light” which is indeed true for this University is truly supportive with each of their students.

Yale University

If you are interested to go to Yale University, you can simply find this in New Haven, Connecticut. This University is one of the most reputable because it is just like Harvard, a prestigious University that is part of private Ivy League. Its motto is “light and loom” and is currently considered as the 3rd ranking University amongst hundreds of national universities in the U.S. Forbes even ranked this University 4th nationally. With this in mind, it is obvious that Yale University is one of the best and most reputable.

California Institute of Technology                        

Popularly known as the Caltech, this institute of technology is one of the best there is in the US because of its accreditation to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges way back since 1949. Globally, times has ranked this institute as 1st and 6th by ARWU.

University of Michigan

This University comes with great campuses such as the Central, North, and South Campus. Despite being a public research University, this doesn’t stop the fact that this University offers good quality education that is affordable for everyone.

University of Chicago

This university is considered to be prestigious for it provides good education in terms of its academic programs and was founded way back in 1890. If you’re hoping to send your child in one of the most prestigious Universities in the US, the above mentioned Universities are the ones you should opt for.

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