Top 10 Reasons you must Study

Study Study Study. Is everyone around chanting the same word in your ears? Are you tired of this word? Feel like throwing your books away when your parents ask you to study? Well you should not think so then. For study is not to punish you but to make you a better person. Education brings out the best in you. And if you don’t have enough reasons to study we will solve your problem. We are listing here the top reasons you should educate yourself. But keep in mind, these are just the ones topping the list, there are many other reasons you should study. Study harder in fact. Let have a look to the reasons topping the list:

10. Bragging Rights


Well. Yes. Education provides you with the amenity of bragging. Not only you, but your near and dear ones too. First and foremost, your mother, she can brag about in the neighborhood that her children topped the exams or are Doctor, Engineer and whatever they are. Your father can brag in his office about you. And as a whole family you can brag among the relatives who never leave a chance of bragging even about their new furniture. Think about the future, your children bragging about you being so and so. Knowingly or unknowingly it does feels nice, someone bragging about you and your achievements.

9. To set a standard

Set a standard for your younger siblings and the coming generation as well. Get yourself to the position so that your parents can say to your young siblings to be like you. Not only your parents, but all those who know you. Won’t it be nice when your neighbor will be lecturing their children to be like you? Of course it would be. Be an inspiration for the younger people. And what will you tell your children in future? That you wasted your study time in loitering around? Of course not. Make your mark sheets worth showing it to your children.

8. Language Knowledge

Education provides you the knowledge of a (or more than that) language. You may understand a language and most probably can speak it well too. But the knowledge of the language is attainable only when you study. The literature and many other things about a language cannot be understood by a layman. So, Education is must for gaining the knowledge about a language.

7. Fulfil your wishes

Dreaming of getting the latest model of Audi in the market? Or the latest phone available? Well, nothing bad in that, just don’t dream of your parents gifting it to you. Stand on your own feet. Don’t expect your parents to pay for your wishes lifelong. If you are longing so much for a thing, getting it yourself is the best idea. Study hard and reach the place where you can get yourself the things you wish for. The satisfaction you will get is not comparable anywhere to the happiness when you got the things as gifts. So encourage  and determine yourself to stand by yourself and fulfill your own demands.

6. Get a Scholarship

Do you feel as a burden to your parents? Or wish to pursue an expensive degree? Or wish to study abroad? And you think that you should not bother your parents much for these necessary but unnecessary things? There’s one solution to all these problems. Get a scholarship. Yes, it feels great to get one. But before getting it you need to prove that you are worth it. There are scholarship tests and other evaluating methods for getting a scholarship. And which needs knowledge, which of course only studying can provide.

5. To be the perfect match

Yes. We are not kidding here. Education tops the list of qualities when one is looking for their perfect match. Looks and Beauty is considered secondary now a days. One looks for someone who is well educated and can adjust with the sophisticated society well. And there is nothing wrong in that. Don’t you want an educated life-partner? Of course you do. Education is given so much emphasis during match making because with it comes so many things in a package. If you are educated well, you probably earn well, judge your life better, understand better, and what not. You may notice around that girls go for guys partying here and there, but it is half the truth. It may be so now, but on a long run, when it comes to settle down, they choose the educating ones. So, now to get your dream partner don’t work on your looks, start studying hard.

4. Make friends

Making friends sounds not so hard a job. If you think the same then you need to think again. Making friends may be easy, you can be friends with any one loitering around, but making good and true friends is really not that easy. Education obliges you with an ambiance where you get to meet fine people and be friends with them. Those friends with whom you get to know the world better. You study and work together, hence identifying you abilities and shortcomings and help each other to nourish the positive points and overcome the shortcomings. Friends also provide you with emotional support and save you from isolation.

3. Expands your understanding

Education expands your vision. It furnishes your ability to judge better and makes you worth judging things. Education helps you get the practical view of the matter and hence affects your decision making in a positive manner. Not only situations, if you are educated better than you can judge people easily. And save yourself from any cheating or fraud. Worldview is much clearer when you are educated. It provides you the exposure one needs to do better in life.

2. Personality Development

Education makes you a man. A complete one. Personality Development courses cannot help you develop your personality. Only literacy can do so and does so. Education does so without even taking the credit of doing so. When you are educated, it reflects in your personality. Your mannerism shows how well educated you are. Education introduces you with the society and teaches you how to adjust and behave in the same society. Hence, framing you as an active and recognizable member of the society.

1. Be Independent

The first and foremost reason you should study is yourself. So that when you grow up and see yourself in front of the mirror, you should be proud of yourself. Getting a nice livelihood is what you study for. You must depend on yourself for your livelihood. For you can’t expect your parents to pay your bills throughout your life. Make something out of yourself. Stand for yourself . And this is possible only when you will study and educate yourself. Educations teaches you what is freedom and how to get it.

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