Top 10 Reasons why you should avoid joining HCL,Infosys,TCS & other Tech Giants India

IT and Tech was once on BOOM in India and that led to IT companies recruit thousands and lakhs of candidates in India every year. This led to lot of students pursue Engineering (mainly Software) and thus today the situation for candidates and students is grim. Tech Giants although are still recruiting in abundance but are providing bad facilities and pay scale for students. Two major culprits among such companies is Infosys and HCL. There profit margin is constantly depleting and thus its negatively affecting. Thus we tell you of Top 10 Reasons why you shouldn’t join these companies.


10. You cannot Innovate but just Follow

Ok, we understand that this alone is one major major reason why you should avoid working in Indian Tech Giants. Once you have joined a major Indian IT Company you would be programmed to do one task over and over again. Work Schedule is going to be pretty tough and tight so thinking of anything else during your work hours is not going to be possible.

9. Infrastructure and lack of Facilities

These IT companies are now the Worlds Tech Giants but they still have poor infrastructure and technical facilities. You would be provided with systems that have poor hardware (still run P4 or Celeron). You wouldn’t have any access to any general web sites on Internet apart from those general ones that are allowed by the company (mainly comprising of two three websites of the company itself). So don’t dream that you would be able to use the Social Networking sites or View the Latest News or Learn a Tutorial while you are sitting in your office because those sites are going to be locked by your Network Administrator.

8. Relocation (No, We aren’t talking to getting relocated to US)

A lot of people in these companies loose their focus because they are frequently relocated to various parts of India without the need and get affected because of Internal Politics.

7. Lack of Investment on Training

These Indian Tech giants are no longer interested on professional training of their employees. They although have abundance of resources and money but they are no longer in favor of letting their candidates work out in research. They just want the employees to work on pre described work for months and at times even for years.(Hopefully you won’t be bored doing it again and again)

6. Lack of Business/Domain Knowledge-No Clear Future Goals

These companies were surviving or rather flourishing because of two primary reasons: 1. Low Cost of Labor in India 2. No Competition in Developing Countries. This led these companies to take projects by bidding the lowest amounts and still stay profitable. But the time is quickly changing now since countries like Phillipines and Thailand have increased the Quality of their People very quickly and they can work for even cheaper prices. These companies were working over outsourcing projects from nearly decade but it would be interesting to see how much work do these companies gets in coming future and how are they able to compete with other companies of developing economies.

5. Non Friendly Environment

The environment in these IT companies is non rewarding and far more challenging. The only thing that would matter is the quantity, forget about the quality. Staying up with the work schedule is must or you can be asked to leave anytime.

4. Internal Politics

The management of these companies is far worse than any other industry. People are hardly rewarded on basis of their Talents nowdays rather its just your relation with your Boss that matters. So be prepared to constantly praise your boss even if their is no reason and don’t disagree with your Boss’s suggestion because that is going to seriously hamper your chances of promotion.

3. Poor Management and HR

If you thought that you would complain to HR or Management of the company regarding any of the above issues and that would be resolved, then those are the thoughts that you shouldn’t contain in your mind for too long. The management of these companies is nothing to boost about. They hardly care for their employees working conditions and feelings. Only thing that would matter to them is that they should make good money themselves and that you stick to your schedules.

2. No Promotions

Getting a promotion in these companies is the  most difficult task, you wouldn’t be rewarded for your hard work but the only thing that would matter is that you do as your Boss says. Never disagree with your Boss views because that would diminish (or end) your chances of a Promotion.

1. No Hikes/Appraisal, Poor Salary

The salary structure of these IT companies is still worst. They are been paid at par with what other top IT companies are been paid by their mainly US clients but the salary they pay to their employees is demoralizing (A Software engineering Fresher in India is paid  $3600 annually whereas A Software engineering Fresher in US is paid $45000). Thus with these poor salary and almost no hikes for as long as initial 2 years it becomes actually difficult to work. You no longer stay interested in innovating since the companies hardly seem to care for you.

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