Top 10 Reasons to become a Doctor

Doctors the life savers!! A doctor may be a physician, psychologist, neurologist, biomedical scientist, dentist, or veterinarian. Ask us, what importance a doctor has in our life. Undoubtedly the role of doctors is great. A doctor can advice a lot of things we have never even heard of. They help us during the most difficult situations of our life they free us from our pain and sufferings. They will understand us and will explain whatever is wrong with us. They work all night just to save a life. They have to be attentive, fearless and calm all the time. Yes, it’s tough to be a doctor.  In spite of that, many people want to be a doctor. Why they want to be a doctor??? The following list has all the answers.

So, here is the list of Top 10 Reasons to be a Doctor:

10) Never bored

Doctor’s love their job. They never get bored. They interact with people or their kids talk to them, play with them or direct them. They get to know people well and they like that. They can work virtually anywhere they want. They have much freedom. Lab coats or scrubs never go out of fashion. People dream to wear that someday. So, they are lucky to have them all the time with them.

 9) Can diagnose their family

Nothing can be as good as having a doctor in your family. You will trust him more than any other doctor and you have him all time with you so that if you get into some trouble regarding your health, there is no need to call a doctor or run for a doctor as you already have a doctor at home. Moreover, a doctor can diagnose himself; can take the best decisions for himself and obviously, he/she trusts his/her actions.

8) Influence

It’s not an easy task to become a doctor. Doctors are smart, skilled and proficient. They have power to change the world through science. People will listen to them and will definitely take their words seriously. Thus, doctors somehow have some influence over people.

7) Lots of options

If you are a doctor, you have flexibility of options. You can have the MD degree or the DO degree, the basic sciences, consulting, etc. And if you are not comfortable with working for anyone else in a hospital then you can open your own clinic and can earn a better amount than working for a hospital.

6) Understanding

Doctors can simply ease more than just the physical pain of their patients. They can read their minds while treating them. If they find their patients’ immune to not just disease but also to fear, loneliness or anxiety, they will offer them help and guide them the way. They can address their patient’s problems easily and can relieve their patients from them by their awesome advice.

5) They can do things what normal people can’t do

A doctor has to study each and every body parts of human beings, plants, animals, birds etc, it depends on their field. Thus, they have every right to cut open living people to conduct their study or to perform some operations or some surgery. They work with the most incredible technology which is never imaginable. Doctors can perform any operation on a dead body too in order to teach their new interns. Isn’t it cool to do these things, you will have a lifetime experience. But unluckily, only doctors can do that.

 4) Training for self-discipline

Is you are on the verge on becoming a doctor and you are graduating from a med college then you are definitely a disciplined person. Doctors are taught to be disciplined. The way they talk, the way they react in abnormal situations and things is far different from a normal being. They are trained to be polite and calm in difficult situations during any kind of surgery. They are also likely to be a good decision maker in life.

3) Serve for public

It’s a genuine service for the benefit of the public. You are actually saving someone’s life what else good you can do. You have your patient’s wishes with you for your whole life what else you need!!! Patients compare their doctors to god. There is nothing bigger than that, that they can achieve in their entire life. That’s why doctors always walk with pride.

2) Secure job

Their job is very secure as compared to other jobs. There can’t be any recession in medical sector. Thus, a doctor’s job is safe. Even those doctors, who lose a job can get a new job easily, they won’t stay out of work for long time as doctors are needed everywhere.

1)     Respect

Doctors are kept at a position compatible to god by people of this world. Huge respect is given to doctors from ancient times to till now. They are called as life savers. The degree “Doctor of Medicine” still carries huge power in our society. With this power, there comes responsibility as a doctor. Doctors have to maintain their respect. There is huge pride in this field of medicine.

Despite of all the respect, many doctors feel that they are overworked, underpaid and underappreciated but it’s really not the case. Patients trust and respect their doctors and their decisions. Patients should behave well with their doctors and should be open in front of them. I conclude this by saying that doctors are essential, so value them.


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