Top 10 Reasons To Avoid IT Career

Everyone in this earth wants to be somebody someday and also feel proud of their identity. No matter how rich or poor one is, struggle is inevitable and everyone has to face it in some form or another.

Being an IT professional definitely brings along this glory to a great extent due to the prestige and status attached to it. However, with every good thing comes a bad side and in this case there are many bad sides. With this reference, here are some reasons on why one should avoid the IT career.

10. No Respect

IT professionals are treated as nothing but products that are valued till the time they are able to give good and exclusive outputs. When their company feels that their need has been enough and they are not able to perform in that level anymore irrespective of their health or family issues, they will fire them.

9. No Quality Time for the Family

There is so much work load on an IT professional that he/she almost has no time for her family and clearly this makes them grow apart from each other. The families do understand their pressure but at times as normal persons they will get mad.

8. Saturation of Mind

The need to look for fascinating ideas all the time or work with computers will certainly saturate one’s mind and they will lose any interest on any other basic aspects of life. This way he/she will become infamous both among their family and friends.

7. Marriage Breakdown

Due to the constant and enormous work pressure one is unable to spend time with his/her spouse alike their parents, siblings, relatives, grandparents and cousins. This is not an easy thing to live up with especially when one’s partner hardly has time for them even when at home.

6. Continuation of Work at Home

The work pressure is so much that one does not finish all work at office and has to bring them at home too, much to the irritation of their families. This actually ruins the mental stability of the IT professional itself and his/her head tends to get jammed.

5. Irritable Behavior

It is a natural phenomenon that when an individual is engulfed with such huge pressures all the time and is living in a life filled with nothing but software and hardware programs; they tend to get irritable amidst normal people. Their heads are always rotating around those ideas and thoughts and anything and everything under the sun might irritate them which in turn are actually bad for that person’s health.

4. Source of Many Diseases

The continuous thrust from work can leave anyone with no sleep for days and that added with extra tension will lead to the occurrence of insomnia at quite a young age, heart diseases, high BP, indigestion and many more.

Avoid IT Career

Reasons To Avoid IT Career

3. Life of a Wanderer

When one is in a big and famous IT firm and if he/she is doing some great work then they certainly will be send to different places to do office tours and this is yet again challenging and negative. The person is bound to travel from one place to another which actually restricts them from having some quality time for themselves let alone families and friends. Even though, the travel is interesting initially it might get strenuous later.

2. Harsh to make one quit

No matter with how much passion and desire one enters this field, many are not able to take the work load and resigns in the middle in quest of life and freedom in job. This is really rare cases but many does.

1. Unable to conceive

Survey has showed that so much work load actually decreases the production of human sex hormones which restrict couples from conceiving. Thus, family planning comes at stake with such stressful career.


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