Top 10 Reasons to Dropout of College now

College can be pretty hard for average students and even if you have big grades, there are many other factors that make you wish to finish it as soon as possible. Many students go to college because they are obligated by their parents to follow the steps they made in their youth. The main consequence of this thing is that their kids don`t care very much about college and want to quit. Every parent should let his child decide his future alone and not interfere with any stressful advices. Many people think it`s wrong to support students to leave their college but here you can read the top 10 reasons to dropout of college now:

1.You are your own master

You are your own master and you should not care about other`s people opinion when you want to take serious decisions. If your parents obligated you to finish a college that doesn`t suits you, you can quit it at every moment because you can`t be forced to become something you don`t like to. The first criterion when people chose their jobs is their compatibility with it, and if they don`t like it they don`t choose it. If you want to create your business but your parents force you to finish college you are not obligated to finish it.

2.People who dropped college can live wealthy lives

Nowadays everybody can finish a college and this thing is not very appreciated by an employer and it doesn`t provide you a job for sure. Many people got rich from their businesses without having any college degree and they live a happy life. For example Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and now he is between the richest men on earth. This idea of finishing College is implemented in students` head before they finish highschool.

3.You are not obligated to finish college

Most of the students apply to a college because of the pressure made by their family and teachers. They frequently hear in their school that they must learn to finish a good college and live a wealthy life. A college degree provides you some extra chances to find a workplace, but if don`t have any native talent on your domain that degree will not do any miracles for you. In many colleges studying is on the second place after fun and this is the main reason students who finish there don`t feel any changes in their lives.

4.College takes a lot of time

When you start taking classes at a college and you want to finish it, you have to pass through a few years of learning and taking exams. A lot of colleges don`t provide a useful education in a domain and instead of being able to develop a business in 4 years, you finish a college that does not help you with a thing. You could do many things that will help your future instead of passing through 4 stressful years of learning, making projects and taking exams.

5.Friends will come back to you


Many teenagers lose a lot of friends when they go to college and there they`re very lonely because nobody knows them. If you decide to drop out of college you will get your friends and your social life back and you don`t have to be the lonely guy again.

6.There will not be so many mean people

Some of the biggest problems for shy students are the mean guys who threat them in a bad way. If you had problems like these guys in your college and you don`t like there you can leave it any time you want because you don`t have to endure stupid people.

7.You can save money for your business

Nowadays many successful business men dropped out of college because it wasn`t good enough for them and too expensive. If you don`t have any scholarships you have to pay a lot of money to finish college, and those money could be spent on creating a business that would lead you into profit. If your entrepreneur`s spirit is developed enough to succeed in life without spending massive amounts of money for college you can drop out it any time.

8.College doesn`t provide any guidance

When you start your classes you don`t know for sure if you are good enough for the section you are studying. Nobody tells you if you can succeed in life after finishing a college and there is nobody to guide and help you with your choices. College only helps you to learn information on a niche without guiding you to make the right choice for you.

9.It doesn`t provide a job for sure

Finishing a college only helps you to get a degree, not a real job that can help you have enough money to maintain a happy family and live a wealthy life. When you are adult a degree will not feed your kids or buy them clothes, and in a world where you have to have a serious job degrees aren`t so important. Every employer looks for talent, dedication, hard work and experience not for bad workers with a degree.

10.World is full of hungry people with degrees

After you invested a lot of money into college even though you are a smart man you don`t have the guarantee of a well paid job. Nowadays there are a lot of people that finished college and they are very poor because finishing college requires big investments.


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