Top 10 Real Life Lessons one Learn from College

A person starts learning from the time he/she takes birth and continues to learn when he/she dies. Everyone have different college experiences, as they join different schools, colleges, stream and majors; as a result all each one’s experience is distinct. But what lessons a person take away from college life are almost same and invaluable. College is considered to be the four/three years spent in heaven full of enjoyment, liberty and personal determination. It helps us in finding the stream we are interested in, also in developing our personality and practical life handiness. Coaches us to hunt for a proper living condition, job and how to act in response to various difficult circumstances which a common life usually faces at least once in lifetime. There are many lessons we learn in our college life and continue to use them throughout our life, so here are top 10 lessons a person usually learn in college life.

10). Proper Utilization of  Vacations

Time is very precious, as it is said that “the time once lost can’t be regained”. Vacations in school time are meant for enjoyment, but the concept of vacations doesn’t remain the same during college life. In nursery school, the timing of classes is of around half a day, and during higher secondary and secondary the classes are held for about 190 days in a year, and the vacation times are just for leisure activities and relaxing. Where as in college, the vacation time starts to disappear slowly. And during the summer vacations one need to spend time hunting for jobs, and during the semester breaks people are busy in internships. Indirectly people get busy with their working schedule and in this way during college days people learn to utilize their vacations in positive manner.

9). How to deal with Boredom

Not always the college life is full of fun, sometimes we become bored through the tasks we have. We have to manage our work timings and goals, have to decide which subject is how much useful, and will matter in our success or not. Basically boredom in college is a temporary one, depending on the timing and situations; what one needs is to manage the mood swing. It is one of the important lessons, which one should forget, while moving forward in our career. Almost every jobs becomes boring due to the same way of working and timings, what is required is to overcome such conditions, and to regain the interest for better living.

8). Communication and Writing Abilities

Everyone should be able to express his/her views in verbal and written manner in the medium of language preferred (generally English). Almost every sector be it engineering, management, medical or chemists, everyone needs to be able to communicate easily. He/she should have the quality of being the medium of commercial correspondence. A person with excellent communication and presentation skills is preferred for jobs in such smart sectors and are the one who perform better in their job profiles.

7). Dealing with Break-ups and Link-ups.

With entering in the college life one needs to leave his/her placate zone, learn new talents, build and manage relationships. Many break-ups and link-ups takes place in college life be it with a friend, teacher, girlfriend/boyfriend; but what one needs to learn is to manage the situations according to time. People move to different cities, towns, and countries, but breaking up and forgetting the past easily is not that easy, but we need to learn to adapt the changing situations. College life teaches us to adapt various changes in our life style, people living around us and working conditions.

6). Understanding true Autonomy

Sometime we wish to have sandwich, burger for lunch and we order, we sleep till noon and pay no attention to the alarm like a crook. And no one is there to stop us from doing so. Such freedom not only allows us to make our own decisions, but asks us to be responsible. Imagine if you forgot to complete and submit your assignment, you can fail gloomily. This is how we learn the importance of responsibility in our college life, and is useful throughout the life time.

5). Social Drinking

In modern corporate world, there are various chances to have cocktails, drinks or carafe after the work timings. And if people didn’t learn having such things in college life, and they are planning to have it first time in such company parties, then they may not be able to manage themselves with the effects of the drinks. Hence social drinking is a habit one should experience (at least once) in college life.

4). Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Along with enjoying, we go college to learn something, which makes us capable of getting a good job and life. In classroom activities by solving problems we learn to think on some issues and also learn to solve the problems concerning to the department. This is how one learns to think and solve problems, which helps him/her in future.

3). Social Networking

The concept of Social Networking is new to college students, as before college life people use such sites for contacting their old friend and relatives; but in college a student needs to build and enhance public relations through various social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others and such relation building helps in getting a good job and various business opportunities. The chances of getting placed in a good company increases with the increase in the social circle. There are many websites for job offers and internships, which also helps people after their college life in changing jobs, etc.

2). Managing Bankroll and Debt

We say that the college life is like “Life in Heaven”, but it is not always true. In present time the schools, colleges, tuitions and other expenses of a student are raising day by day, what one needs is to manage the expenses according to the availability of money. As not every one’s parents are rich and capable of providing surplus amount of money for wasting on girlfriends, boyfriends, drinks, parties and all. Many parents educate their child on the basis of education loans, so it is the responsibility of child to manage the money accordingly. As the stage of life increases the responsibilities also, we get job, get married and hence need to use money more carefully. Hence, proper way of handling money is learned in college life.

1). Living and Working in Tough Conditions

College life is full of freedom, it is not always true because the reality says that the college students faces many problems such as over expenditure, living away from family (in many cases), emotional attachment, decision making and many more. A college student sometimes has to face very tough times; they need proper attendance for giving exams that is there are some boundations as well. During Recession time they need to work hard for getting a normal pay job, sometimes they doesn’t have any option other than living in any messy area for less rent. Adjusting with different types of people is also a very difficult job, and this is the most common condition faced by almost every college student.



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