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Education is the first investment of the human life. And to most of all, Education is also the last investment of life. Higher Education is although not very simple to get and inexpensive as it seems. Anyone pursuing his/her degree in India, is very easy to get and achieve it but as of in foreign, it is almost a hard nut to crack while to earn your degree. It is not the study or the syllabus making it a tough deal, the total expenditure and the costs, that is included in it while one is in foreign pursuing his/her degree.


Note: The Details have been explicitly based on the internet surveys. It can be treated to be a sort of information to all.

Anyone planning to go for higher education in foreign, must have a glance for it. For this section of write up, I have reviewed the world’s most expensive colleges on the basis of the normal study cost annually. Here is the list which is continued as:-


10.) Trinity College

One of the oldest and most reputed college in the list is Trinity College established in 1823 with now having an almost more than 200 years of its celebrated history. It offers the students a very well packed and diversified academic allowance to excel and do better in their academic and study life. They allow some extensive study to be carried out while being here. The degree from the college is recognized throughout. Anyone wishing to be enrolled in the college must take a budget of almost $53,380 annually to have their seat booked in it.


9.) University of Chicago

One of the oldest privately owned university in the world is Chicago University. Basically a college oriented from research, publishing’s and typical centered study based classics, the college offers degree in graduate and post-graduation in many streams. The college is situated in Illinois. The total annual cost to be in the college costs somewhere around $53,600. So better be alert of it.

8.) Wesleyan University

Established in 1831, the university is having a historical attachment to it. It was named after John Wesley, the man who is the founder of Methodism. The famous study center in Middletown state. It offers undergraduate and post graduate degree in several streams and arts. The total cost of expenditure for boarding, lodging and food is about $53,980 annually to pursue your study. Although, the university provides some financial aids to the students on the basis of their merit and extra-curriculum activity.


7.)  University of Columbia

One of the finest and oldest university in the world is University of Columbia, which was established back in year 1754. The annual expenditure of pursuing the study in the university ranges from $54000 to $54,300.


6.) Bard College

The college was established back in year 1860 in Annandale, New York. The college is famous worldwide for providing world class education and imparting the basic human and moral values to the students here in. The college has made tremendous growth in the last few years and offers degree in various instances of courses. The authority of the college is very supportive and caring. They are basically leaned for the welfare of the students.  The total study pursuing fee is about $54490 making it the 6th most expensive college in the world.


5.) George Town College

One of the oldest in the USA is Georgetown College. Considered to be the most extensive Catholic College in USA, this college provides degrees in various streams, following up with research based oriented study in it. Constituting a various institutes in majors, the college, is rated as one of the most expensive in the range, with being at the number 5th in the list with a total cost of expenditure of annual ranging in $55,000.


4.) Bates College

One of the pioneer and premier college in Lewiston. The college as usual of the rests, provides the best education and best living facilities in here, with a various degrees in many different streams as well. The total annual cost for the study range from 55,300 to $55,450, making it the 4th most expensive college in the world.


3.) Sarah Lawrence College

One of the finest from the colleges range in New York. Established in the memory of Sarah Lawrence, by her hubby William Van DUzer Lawrence, the college is situated in the heart of New York, i.e., in Manhattan. The college is worldwide famous for its quality education and the total expenditure for annual stay and study is about $57,800. This is the 3rd most expensive college of the list.


2.) Harvey Mudd College

A university basically for the development and safeguard of the art and liberal knowledge’s, is situated in California, Claremont. It offers degrees in science, engineering and many various streams to the students. The total cost of annual study ranges about $58000 making it the 2nd most expensive college in the world. The charge includes lodging and food as well in it. One of the best thing about the college is the provision of scholarship allowances to the needy meritorious students.


1.) Vanderbilt University

One of the oldest and famous university from Tennessee, which is actually situated in Nashville. The university offers degrees in various courses registered under the recognized set of rules with university. The annual cost of study alone in the university ranges from $58000 to a range exceeding $59000, making it the most expensive college of the category. The university also helps and aids to the students who are in need and provides the basic necessities to them for free. Another relaxation comes in the form of scholarship provided to them by university.


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