Top 10 Law Schools in the World

Competition is everywhere therefore youth of today makes an effort to choose the best school or university to attend to. If you are into law, then it is just right to check out the top 10 best law schools in the world. The choice you’ll make will help you in your future, where to get a job, where to stay and a lot more. So here is the list of the best schools you can check if you want to proceed studying law.


Top 10 Law Schools in the World

Harvard is one of the best law schools in the world. The reason it draws attention around the globe are tons and one of which is its large sized campus that can be considered like a small town or a city. Aside from its size, Harvard is highly recommended for the fact that is invites only those who are numerically strong and it offers a so called “powerhouse” faculty to ensure that students are learning the right kind of knowledge.


The Faculty of Law of the University of Cambridge is one of the most prestigious law teaching schools around the globe. Cambridge is therefore well known for its high quality standards of teaching and research. The university is known for also having a powerhouse faculty comprising of about 24 law professors.


Studying law at Oxford is also a good decision to make. Oxford focuses on intellectual interest rather than teaches and focuses on things that they only excel in. At Oxford, studying of law requires thorough research, the use of thinking and as well as presentation.


Yale is one of the top ranking schools when it comes to law. This school produced a lot of famous personalities such as Bill and Hillary Clinton. This school is famous not by the kind of students they produced but by the way they conduct studies and their admissions.


Melbourne University Law School is also one of the best out there. This is the oldest law teaching university in Australia which was able to produce impressive luminaries and some of which are Victoria Chernov, Kenneth Hayne and a lot more.

New York University

This law school is well known for its emphasis on public sector. The admission process in this school is said to be ultra selective and only the best students are accepted. So if you want to belong in this community, you must excel academically.

London School of Economics

This school considers the study of law as something very integral. In fact, their law department is quite big in order to cater and produce excellent education to all its students. The law faculty of LSE is composed of professors around the world with top notch education profiles which is why this school excels in terms of law.


Considered to be an Ivy League member, this law school was founded back in 1858 and up until now soars high and in fact competes with Harvard University for producing alumni who have become Chief Justices of the U.S.


For some, Stanford University is a paradise and studying law in such paradise is even better. Unfortunately, being accepted in this prestigious school could be hard however once you’re in it’s all worth the effort.


This Australian school is ranked as 2nd in their country and 10th in the world. This law school offers tons of different professional degrees. It is considered as one of the best because of its impressive programs that will surely mold and develop any law students of this school.

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