Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees 2012-2013

With the cost of education rising each day it has become very important to plan your future action before hand. It is no longer sufficient to simple complete a graduation and look for a job . It will never get you anywhere.  It is very essential to know what you want to achieve. We all have the logic that if you investing money in doing a particular degree it should pay you in return in the near future. That is the purpose of studying these days. We work to earn and we want to earn more and more each day. There are numerous degree courses courses out there opening your way to a particular field. These courses make you a professional in that particular area of work. Depending upon the degree and the type of work the job expectancy and earning potential changes. Although there are a several fields which offer you the most. Students therefore take up those degree courses which assures them a secured and rich future. Although there are 100’s of jobs out there with great statements the following are the top 10 degrees that offer the highest pay.


10. Degree is physics.


Physics though not a temptation to many it is the field of excellence for some. Physics is a subject that is used widely in day to day world by various professionals . It’s use is not limited to one particular area . I am sure everyone has heard about the huge Hadron collider- its nothing but pure physics. The rocket , telescope is nothing but physics . Hence people doing a major in Physics tend to get a great job very easily . Be it architecture or astronomy or be it industrial planning nothing exists without physics . Most of the scientists that were lived were major in physics. An individual after graduation in science can do a major in physics provided his scores in physics are good. A person after finishing the major in physics can easily bag a job is industrial firms ; in construction firms research fields etc.  A person also take up teaching in industries offering majors in Maths and Physics. There is great international acceptance for people holding a major in physics.

The average starting salary for a major in physics is estimated to be $49,800.


9. Degree in Computer science.


Computer is an extremely popular and interesting filed which is quite commonly taken up by graduates. It is also known as CS or Comp-sci  Computer science is basically knowing the what how and when of a computer and its applications. From its language to the algorithms everything. The institutes offering computer science teach their students the computer language and its programming , the algorithms and their analysis, building up data systems etc. The latest advent of CS is human interacting machines. Be it turning on of lights by clapping hands or robots getting more and more human its all the miracle of computer science. These professionals get a job in any firm be it molecular modelling or data compiling or servers management. They have a good acceptance in over seas countries.

The average  starting salary for a computer science major is estimated to be $56,600.


8. Degree in Aeronautical Engineering.


With rising tourism and globalization this field has gained immense importance. Be it the air force for the countries safety of aircraft for movement its all handled by the aeronautical. The work of an aeronautical engineer is to know the dynamics of air flying. We see newer models of planes and better performance of these gadgets its all due to the field of aeronautical. They are involved in trying to build better flying machines but also maintenance of  the existing ones. Before a flight takes of and after it lands it is thoroughly checked by the airport’s aeronautical department to ensure the smooth working of the vehicle and safety of passengers. A person can pursue aeronautical after doing his graduation in science.

The average starting salary for the aeronautical engineers is estimated to be $74,000 .


7. Degree in Electrical Engineering.


Electrical engineers are the people who majorly deal with the power supply of the firm. You receive electricity at home. Just imaging yourself without it. You can’t survive a day without the electricity .Although it is a simple term the process of generation of electricity is very complex. The electrical engineers are given the knowledge about the process of the production of electricity. The fundamentals of the plant. The knowledge to operate the machines and handle the supply. In a firm too they play an important role because without a constant energy supply no company can work. An individual can take up engineering in electrical  and flourish in it with ease.

The average starting salary for an engineer in electrical is estimated to be $75,000 .


6. Degree in  Chemical Engineering.


A chemical engineer plays with the chemicals. Be it any industry or plant chemicals somehow are involved. Be it petroleum or food industry ; be it Textile dyes or cosmetics chemicals are involved. a chemical engineer through his knowledge and hold on chemistry develops new chemical moieties and suggests ways to refine the existing ones. The latest colors yo see that are water proof and light resistant are all due to the chemical engineers that have brought to light such chemicals. Be it preservatives in food that keep them fresh for weeks or detergents that work so effectively are all miracles of chemical engineering. An individual enthusiastic about chemistry can take up Chemical engineering and get the pay he wishes for in any firm.

The average starting salary of a chemical engineer is estimated to be  $80,000 .


5. Degree in Pharmacy.


Pharmacy is the rat of producing drugs. the plant and the animal kingdom are full of remedies to the human ailments. Pharmacist tries to explore and extract these resources . Various diseases that are curable now are due to various medicines available. The children can be vaccinated against various diseases ; the diabetics survive on insulin etc are all the contribution of pharmacists to the community. Also with the advent of technology synthetic drugs are available to the patients. Pharmacy offers a well established and respected profession to the people. It has a good acceptance in the over seas counties as well. A person can take up pharmacy after completing a degree or after the HSC in science.

The average starting salary of a pharmacist is estimated to be $84,000 .


4. Degree in  Computer engineering.


A computer engineer is a hardware and software specialist. He knows to configure a computer completely. be it assembling a computer or repairing it an engineer in computer can do it. He is well taught to handle the data servers and manage system networks in a firm. It is a very widely spread applicable field. Usually finding an existence in 80% of the industries in the world today. A person can take up Computer engineering after his graduation. It is usually a four year degree course.

The average starting salary for a computer engineer is estimated to be $85,000 .


3. Degree in Dentistry.


The BDS ( Bachelors in dentistry) is a full established degree course in teeth care. These doctors are one of the most expensive doctors. Be it a tooth ache or tooth extraction it is your dentist who gives you the proper treatment. Be it your grandparents false set of teeth or celebrities getting various treatments for their million dollars smile it is the dentist who adds shine to it all. A person can take up BDS after the junior college in science.

The average starting salary for a dentist is estimated to be $ 88,000 .


2. Degree in Psychiatry.


With the stress levels on the high in the 21st century the role of psychiatrist has tremendously increase in the well being of the society. A psychiatrist is a doctor who deals with the nervous disorders of a person. Be it stress or anxiety a psychiatrist knows to make the patient feel better. Various emotional problems are solved by them. They use hypnosis at times to tackle the problem. It is one of the most interesting fields of medicine. A person can take up this after completing MBBS.

The average starting salary of a psychiatrist is estimated to be $92,000 .


1. Degree in neurology.


The Neuro surgeon is indeed the highest paid employee. A Neuro surgeon is the doctor who treats the disorders of the brain. if medicines don’t work then he operates the person. The cases  like brain tumor and other diseases are taken care of by the neurologists. Various diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease are treated by the neurologists.  It is also a very risky profession because people dealing with brain disorders usually have  a less chance of survival.

The average starting salary for a neurologist is estimated to be $100,000 .

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