Top 10 Disadvantages of Homeschooling

It is a common saying that home is the first school of a child from where the word Homeschooling is derived. Homeschooling is nothing but a second form of education in which education is given to children at home only by parents themselves or by allotting special teachers or tutors for them. Home Schooling has been mostly practiced by the students of elite class society. There are various reasons for which they move towards this type of education such as school environment but this should be kept as secondary education rather than fully dependent on homeschooling. Every parent wants their child to stay close to them, they are at times over protective on the other hand parents forgot the big disadvantages of homeschooling that makes their child separated from the society which is very important for a child to learn. Here are some disadvantages of providing home schooling to a child.

10. Love for a teacher declines

When a child grow to the age of being learned there are various things which a child likes and unlike apart from this child has some fears about talking to strangers even they don’t talk to the person they didn’t like. In this way there is a possibility that a child might not be attracted or even loved by the teacher or tutor which is allotted to them in this manner the interest for subject or learning also eliminates as a result of which child gets irritated and declare no to learn and start weeping. In this way other problems arise due to which it become difficult for parents to handle child.

9. Fear of parents

According to parent’s suitability and requirement they always find a good tutor for their child who is efficient enough to give them proper knowledge in every subject and field. Still there are some questions in the mind of the parents that whether they are giving right knowledge to their child or not and whether a child will be able to compete and adjust with other students. It’s very important for parents to select this part of life of the child as base should be strong of a child to excel in every field thus parents should determine all pros and cons of homeschooling before taking a stand or decision.

8. Lack of skills

Every parent select every tutor which is experienced and best and know all the subject but there is possibility that tutor which they decide have learned some subjects a years back and they don’t remember proper skills of that subject. In this case child lacks in getting perfect skills and knowledge due to limited resource thus child also fears of competing with others and confident about the topic which he has learned properly.

7.  Excessive Pampering

Homeschooling basically leads to one of the major disadvantage which is pampering as a child always remains with family as a result of that they got excessive love and give a child reason to make excuses lead them to become pampered child. This problem is often ignored by parents but later on they make grudges when they are not obeyed or listened. Thus child when goes out he/she has to bear everything as at that moment nobody is there to protect them.

6.   Extracurricular Activities

Homeschooling means a child remains only at home he/she is not involved or is not a part of other world as a result of that child grasps only that thing which is taught by family. On the other hand school provides huge number of other things and an exposure to the world which involves one point study till playing, interests and hobbies. Child came to know about his/her hobby and get engaged in these activities which gave them knowledge and skill and confident which is very important in this competitive world.

5. Cost of homeschooling

In this type of education it’s mandatory for one parent to stay at home as child wants proper attention and care on the other hand if we are providing school knowledge at home it’s important to take care of other activities of a child. If one person is earning and other at home the cost of homeschooling increases as the cost of tutor and various books and other perspectives are increasing thus to manage all the cost of house is difficult for one parent.

4. Competition

In this modern advanced world in which every child is excelling in one field or other by competing with other competitors it’s very important for a child to move out in the open world and learn all the skills to compete with other competitors. Spoon feeding child or homeschooled child feels afraid rather unable to talk in front of others as he has learned limited of facts on the other hand he hasn’t seen outer world complexities. So in order to compete it’s very important to send a child to regular school so that apart from academic studies overall personality should be appreciated.

3. All the time yours

Every child feel close and feels secured with her mother then come their family and slowly to the other members. In the last he comes to the outer world and get mix and involved with them but a homeschooled always remains with you thus a child considers every other member to be stranger and doesn’t get mix up soon as a result child confidence level to talk to someone decreases as he/she fears from inside. Afterwards in the life other problems arises which is common and not social.

2. Loss of mentoring opportunities

Nodoubt parents can understand their child more than teachers and become their idols and mentors but in the life of a child a stage comes during which they need counseling and mentoring. This counseling should be done by a trained and experience teacher which is involved in this field and know all the skills of handling a child. This training or counseling is about their career which interact them with other fields apart from which they taught from parents thus homeschooled child miss this opportunity on the other hand fails to recognize their inner and vocational choice.

1. Socialization

Socializing is one of the important and common factors which is done by everyone whether during adult age or child or teenagers. It’s most common that every human being socialize with their own peer group thus improving one’s own overall personality. Home schooled doesn’t move out to interact with their peer group due to which they are confined to particular group of people to which they talk and play. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of homeschooling due to child opinion and frame of mind remains confined and not broaden themselves.


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