Top 10 Best Private Engineering Colleges of India 2012

Engineering has of late become the most desirable education stream. Nearly sixty percent of today’s youngsters in the country want to pursue their graduation in engineering. The main reason for this is the prospects it has in the offing. The crucial aspect about engineering is that an engineering graduate can shift to almost any field he desires and thus freely be able to choose a career in a forum apart from engineering. It is popularly referred to as an evergreen career option. What is important from these happenings is that all these developments have allowed private engineering colleges to thrive in the country. With a mind boggling 750000 graduates passing out of engineering every year, the demand for good private institutions have only risen. Another reason for private institutions to flourish is because there are very few government engineering institutions that are renowned.

However refining a career choice in engineering may be, information regarding the performance of private engineering colleges is very important. Almost all private colleges offer placements and have considerably good infrastructure. Hence, in a way, it becomes difficult to choose. A credible system that ranks these institutions on the basis of performance can be extremely helpful in gauging the standards of private institutions. There are many private institutions that are equally good in comparison to the coveted IITs and NITs. To help on deciding which private colleges are the best, here is a list of the top 10 private Engineering Colleges in the descending order.

10. SSN College of Engineering

Sri Sivasubramaniya Nadar College of Engineering, SSN in short, is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The college came into existence in the year 1996. In the beginning, it was affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. It is now an autonomous engineering institute. It is amongst the best engineering institutions in Tamil Nadu. Admissions to this university are strictly on the basis of merit. The institution is equipped with the latest infrastructure and has exhibited an excellent placement record.

9. RV College of Engineering

The Raashtreeya Vidyalaya College of Engineering is located in Bangalore. It was established in the year 1963 by the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samiti Trust in Bangalore. It is the best private engineering college in Bangalore and this fact has been attested by all major accreditation agencies like the NBA and NAAC. Top multinational Corporations come to the college to recruit its students. The institute is popularly referred to as the Centre for Excellence by the Union Government.

8. Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology

The Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology is located in Gandhinagar in Gujarat. It is by far the best private educational institute in the state with an excellent placement record and top class infrastructure. The University has figured in the list of top ten private engineering institutes for nearly four years now.

7. Veeramata Jijabai Technological Institute


The Veeramata Jijabai Technological Institue is in Mumbai. The institute was formerly known as Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute. It came into being in the year 1887 and is one of the oldest Engineering institutes in Asia. It is a premier educational institute that has been functioning autonomously from early 2000. But, the Maharashtra Government funds many projects that the university undertakes. It is the best engineering institute in the state of Maharashtra and has lived up to its excellence for over a decade now after it was renamed VJIT in the year 1997.

6. Vellore Institute of Technology


Vellore Institute of Technology, popularly called VIT in short, has been one of the best private institutes for a very long time. It has been accredited by all major rating agencies for its brilliant infrastructure and enchanting campus. The University is located in Vellore in Tamil Nadu. It is the second best private engineering institute in this southern state of India.

5. Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology

This university was founded by Karan Chand Thapar in the year 1956. It is situated in Punjab. The institute attracts students from all over the country. The standard of teaching is excellent and the university has a placement record of over ninety-nine percent.

4. PSG College of Technology, Tamil Nadu

The PSG College of Technology is an autonomous, government aided institution and is affiliated to Anna University. It is THE best private engineering institute in the state of Tamil Nadu. It offers courses in nearly fifteen branches of engineering. Established in the year 1951, it has lived up to its reputation ever since.

3. Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Mesra

The BIT Mesra is a coveted engineering institute located in Ranchi, Jharkhand. The institute takes in students on the basis of the BITSAT entrance exam. The Institute was founded in 1956 and has figured in the list of top ten private engineering colleges for nearly four years.

2. Manipal Institute of Technology

Manipal Institute of Technology, popularly known as MAHE in short, is located in Mangalore, Karnataka. It was established in 1957 and has been consistent in its appearance in the list of top ten private engineering institutions.  The university offers a flurry of other courses apart from engineering and is the most reputed and esteemed college in Karnataka after the RV College of Engineering.

1. Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani

The Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences has been the top Private Engineering Institute for more than a decade. The University has signed MOUs and collaborated with the best engineering institutes in the world. The infrastructure is splendid. The Campus Placement record is inarguably the best. It is THE best private nngineering Institute in India and finds a place among the best ten engineering colleges of the countries. The institute is located at Pilani in Rajasthan.

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