Top 10 Best English Newspapers in India

Newspapers play a major role in mass communication. It is the medium through which we get acquainted with the world and keeps us updated with the day to day happenings. Most of the people are addicted of local dailies, if they missed one day, they become restless. It also provides employment opportunities to a large number of people. People who have an interest in writings get a chance to showcase their talent through their articles. It is being published in many languages that vary from region to region. Issue Readership Survey (IRS) Q4, 2011 has shown good results for the English Dailies where they have been maintaining their growth. Here are the top ten English newspapers which have been ranked on the basis of Average Issue Readership (AIR) data.

10. The Indian Express

The Indian Express bags the tenth position in the top English newspapers list. It lost its 12,000 readers in the third quarter as the number fell from 5.29 lakh of average issue readership (AIR) in IRS ( Issue Readership Survey ) Q4, 2010 to 5.06 lakhs in the last quarter. But recently it has witnessed a rise of 23,000 readers in the current survey. This newspaper mainly deals with present scenario business issues. The editors do not compromise on presenting issues which are related to the common man. This newspaper focuses on journalistic values and it has a special edition named as Sunday Express which makes it distinct from other newspapers.

9. The Tribune

The newspaper remains in ninth position as it has seen an increase in its number of readers. This newspaper lost 14,000 readers in Q4, 2011 but then in Q1, 2012 the number of readers again tolled to 39,000 thus making an overall increase of 25,000 readers since Q3, 2011. It claimed its AIR stand at 6.24 lakh for Q1, 2012. This is the reason behind bouncing back of this daily newspaper.

8. Mumbai Mirror

It stands in the eighth position since it has lost 45,000 readers in the present quarter. It has registered AIR at 7.11 lakh while in previously it was 7.56 lakh. It has also lost 30,000 readers in the third quarter. It is considered as the biggest loser of this year but still manages to remain in eighth position.

7. The English Daily DNA

Ranked seventh, it is also one of the popular English daily read by the people. Its currently average issue readership (AIR) is registered at 9.09 lakh. Recently it has seen a marginal increase of 12,000 readers in this quarter. However, the biggest increase in its AIR was 34,000 which was recorded in the last quarter in ISR Q4, 2011. This growth was not replicated in this quarter resulting it to be in the seventh position.

6. The Economic Times

This is ranked at sixth position as it lost 22,000 readers in the last quarter of 2011 i.e. Q4, 2011. Though it gained 2,000 readers in Q1, 2011 but the recent decline was much more than that leading to a downfall in its position in the list of top ten. An average issue readership (AIR) of 7.97 lakh was recorded in the fourth quarter of ISR 2010 whereas it was 7.98 lakh in IRS Q3 2010. The current AIR of Q1, 2012 claimed at 7.92 lakh.

5. The Deccan Chronicle

It is owned by Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd. and has got a readership of 1 million. It was founded in 1938 and is currently printed from one city each of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and seven cities of Andhra Pradesh. In previous survey results, the average issue readership was 10.28 lakh but currently it is 10.73 lakh. The Deccan Chronicle has seen a decline of 51,000 readers in the previous year due to which it stands at the fifth position. It claimed its AIR stands at 11.52 lakh in second quarter and 11.24 lakh in first quarter of 2010.

4. The Telegraph

The Telegraph is owned by ABP group and was founded in 1982. It is the fourth largest read English daily and mainly published in Eastern India. In the previous quarter its average issue readership was 11.97 lakh as compared to the current AIR which is claimed at 12.38 lakh. It has been noticed that there is a fall of 14,000 readers in Q3 whereas the number saw a rise in the second quarter of IRS i.e. Q2, 2010 of 7,000 readers. The Telegraph has an overall increase of 34,000 readers in the past one year making it firm at the fourth position. This comes with different editions based on the region and is widely circulated in West Bengal, Jharkhand and other Eastern States of India.

3. The Hindu

This newspaper is known for its reporting quality and comprehension coverage. It is owned by Kasturi and Sons Ltd. and is the flagship of The Hindu group. It is also known as national newspaper in India and is published from 10 different locations making a total of 10 editions, mainly in south India.  The newspaper lost 54,00 readers in 2010 which bags it the third position in top ten newspapers list. Its Average Issue readership in the first quarter was 21.59 lakh whereas in second quarter Q2 it claimed its average issue readership of 21.85 lakh readers. The specialty of this page is that it has a separate editorial page which adds a spark to it. One of the editor N. Ram has edited since 2003.

2. Hindustan Times

Founded in 1924, this is the second most popular newspaper among the North Indian readers of India. it was founded by Mahatma Gandhi himself. It is owned by HT Media Ltd. which is controlled by the KK Birla family. It has added 75,000 readers in last quarter Q4, 2010 of IRS ( Issue Readership Survey ). In Q4, 2010 this newspaper witnessed an increase of 35.92 lakh readers in its AIR whereas in Q3, 2010 the count was 35.1 lakh. Thus observing a net increase of 64,000 readers in its third quarter of IRS i.e Q3, 2010. Also it has lost its 14,000 readers in Q2, 2010. So overall adding 1.25 lakh readers in first quarter Q1, 2010 makes it the second largest read English daily. The chief editor of this newspaper is Sanjoy Narayan. Other columnists are Khushwant Singh, Karan Thapar,Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi.

1. The Times Of India

The Times Of India was founded in 1838 and is presently owned and managed by Benett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., controlled by the Sahu Jain family. There are ten different editions which are printed in 32 different cities. The Times Of India is one of the most popular daily English newspapers which is circulated in pan-India regions. It has registered an increase of 1,70,000 readers thus claiming its AIR to be 74.24 lakhs which was earlier 72.54 lakhs in IRS Q3, 2010. It has maintained its growth for the past few years. This newspaper has gained 1.56 lakhs reader in the third quarter as compared to Q2, 2010 where the figure has been just 53, 000. Due to this reason it is the most read daily newspaper among the people. Jaideep Bose has been one of the prominent editors of this newspaper. Some of its contributors are RK Laxman, MJ Akbar, Jug Suraiya, Rukmini Subramaniam, Gurcharan Das and Shobha de.

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